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Qualities you should possess to become a Great Estimator

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Estimation is one of the most important traits in any construction project as estimators’ demand is increasing day by day. This is because the construction projects are getting sky-high. Let us start by assuming that you are a contractor and looking for a professional to provide you mechanical estimating services, or any other estimating services what are the qualities you should see in any estimator.

Qualities you should see in any estimator:

  1. Field Experience
  2. Detail-oriented and organized.
  3. Blueprint Reading Skills
  4. Multitasker
  5. Communication skills

Field Experience:

Field experience is the top quality of an estimator. If you want an estimator to provide you the electrical estimating services, he should have significant field experience because more experience will lead to better perfection in the estimate. Estimates with the correct cost, labor, and quantity estimation can get you the projects’ hidden profits.

Detail Oriented and Organized:

A good estimator is the one who keeps track of all the given documents massive number of drawings and specs. Whether he is providing mechanical estimating services or any other, the great estimators should have runtime communication with the contractors to ensure accuracy in their estimate. He should have complete knowledge of the market whether the prices are going up or down. Analyzing the market is very important for estimation. The estimator should have the skills to track down the missing details, leading to the best estimate.

Blueprint Reading Skills:

If an estimator is there for MEP estimating or belongs to any other estimating trait, he should have the skill of reading drawings. A person who can read drawings has a better chance to become a great estimator. IF someone can read drawings, he can analyze the project specification properly and estimate hidden details in the project. This process will significantly enhance the precision, and a lot of ambiguities can be eradicated easily.


 A contractor’s business boosts when he through more bids, and go through more bids, there should be more estimators. The great estimator does not work on the project initially, but some projects demand more time than usual. The estimator should have the quality to handle multiple projects at a time with the same precision. Suppose an estimator is providing electrical estimating services. In that case, he will be considered great if he can go through several projects at a time with the best precision and phenomenal conversion rate.

Communication Skills:

As we know, the project’s success lies in the hand of an estimator because the uncovered details of the project can be fatal. Whether verbal or verbal, communication skills should be at their peak because he should uncover all the details by communicating with the contractor. Communication is considered the key to articulate and extract the most important information under pressure.


As discussed in the article estimator is considered the backbone of the project and should have the qualities mentioned above. If the estimator possesses all the above-given qualities, he can boost your business sky high or vice versa. None of the above qualities should be neglected to ensure the success of your project.


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