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Beautiful Pakistani Kids Clothes Collection for Girls

Pakistani Kids Clothes

Everyone knows how difficult it is to shop for children’s clothes. Especially since they keep growing out of them so quickly. Any mother dreads a shopping trip to the mall along with her children as it can be quite troublesome. The children running after so many things, you not agreeing on one thing, the short time and a long list of errands. There is so much that can get on your nerves and no one wants that.

When you’re out shopping for Pakistani kids clothes in the UK, you will most probably be disappointed. Along with the troublesome kids, you will also be frustrated by the little variety available for Pakistani girls dresses. Even after spending all day in the market, you won’t find a good outfit that both you and your girls like. After spending a couple of years being drained by these hectic shopping trips, I finally found the solution.

I came across an online brand Libas e Jamila that sells the best variety of kids clothes. Be it fancy wedding clothes or Pakistani kids clothes, they have all the variety for you to choose from. I saw this website while surfing the web randomly and I was thrilled by their range of clothes. However, I was skeptic of ordering from a brand I never heard of before.

Even then I took a chance because I wanted to buy these cute Pakistani girls dresses from their kurti collection. The clothes did not seem that expensive to me so I was not worried about wasting a lot of money.

Beautiful Range of Girls’ Dresses and Kurtis

So, let me tell you about their collection first. Then we’ll come to the order I placed and the package I received. They have such a vast range of clothes that are stitched to perfection for all age groups. The kurtis are so nice to wear and comfortable. You can pair them with jeans or trousers, whichever is more comfortable for you. Their ethnic pret collection has such nice variety and beautiful latest designs. that are literally to die for.

They have everything from single kurtis to three-piece dresses that are absolutely age appropriate for kids and young girls.

What I Ordered and Received

So, my younger daughter is a fan of wearing kurtis with different colors of jeans even for family gatherings. While the elder one likes to wear two-piece dresses that usually consist of trousers and kameez. So, we decided to place and order for one dress for each of them. I did not want to order a lot only to be disappointed in the end and have a lot of trash to be honest.

we placed an order for the two dresses and my kids started waiting anxiously for their new dresses. Well, who doesn’t do that right? Then finally came the day and it was just unbelievable how beautiful the dresses turned out to be. Everything about them just seemed perfect and my daughters immediately fell in love.

Details of the Dresses

So, the dress I ordered for the elder was this really pretty and traditional looking shalwar kameez. It has nice printed shirt and plain trousers with beautifully embroidered patches. The embroidery was for the neckline, hem, sleeves and trousers as well. It came with a pretty black chiffon dupatta. The overall quality was just amazing and it looked very beautiful.

The kurti the we ordered was a nice mustard-orange color. The royal blue embroidery really popped on the dress and really enhanced its beauty. It looked nice with both blue and black jeans and you could even pair it with white ones as well. The quality of this kurti was almost very top-notch and was stitched to perfection.

We loved every bit about the clothes received. I definitely plan on ordering more from Libas e Jamila in the future. Although I have not tried their fancy dress collection but I am not scared to do so anymore. I do recommend this brand to anyone looking for good quality Pakistani clothes in the UK in affordable prices. I’m sure you will not be disappointed just like I was not.


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