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How to Find the Best Art Deco Mirror and Hang it in the Perfect Spot

How to Find the Best Art Deco Mirror and Hang it in the Perfect Spot

Have you ever wondered where to hang your art deco mirrors?

Mirrors are one of the least expensive accessories that every house needs. They give an airy feeling and make a room look bigger than it does. 

We stare at our mirrors every day, from brushing our teeth to checking our clothes. Almost every room in every house may have a mirror in it. However, are you hanging them in the right place and room? 

In this guide, we discuss how to hang an art deco mirror and which rooms to place it in. Read on to learn more about art deco mirrors and mirror placement you need to avoid. 

What Are Art Deco Mirrors? 

Art deco is a kind of visual art that first appeared before World War I in France. It influenced the design of buildings, paintings, furniture, and jewelry. Some examples of art deco architecture include the Empire State Building and Hoover Building. 

Art deco mirrors come from the influences of the 1920s timeless classic designs. They make a great statement and add a lot of light into a room. The most typical design of art deco mirrors is those with beveled edges in unusual shapes. 

Another common design is the Cheval mirror, which was popular during the 1920s. This type of mirror is a free-standing, full-length mirror with a wooden stand. Art deco mirrors have a bold look with a geometric and streamlined look. 

Best Places to Hang a Mirror

Vintage art deco mirrors have a rare look with its vibrant colors and geometric shapes. A mirror is a great basic necessity and aesthetic accessory if you know where to hang it. Your deco mirror placement can provide light, illusion, convenience, and beauty into a room.

So, here are some places in your house where you should hang a mirror: 


The first place you should place a mirror is in your bathroom. Whether it’s a small or big mirror, you should hang it over the sink. It’s easier to shave or apply makeup with a good-sized mirror in a frame that’s mounted on your wall. 

If you have extra space, consider installing a wall-hanging mirror with an adjustable arm. It makes it easier for you to see the back of your head without needing a hand-held mirror. If you have a small bath, hang another framed mirror over the tub to make your bathroom look larger. 

Living Room

A mirror can create depth and space in a room. Consider adding an art deco mirror with a scalloped edge to add some warmness to your shared space. You can also add a mirror that is tall with straight edges to make the room appear bigger. 

If your living room is a bit dark, place a large mirror in front of the window. The mirror helps reflect the light and increase the brightness in the room. You can mount a mirror over your couch or place it over a table. 

If you have a fireplace, you can place a mirror over it to add warmth to the room. You can also set a mirror on either side of the fireplace to make the room feel bigger. Consider placing a mirror near your front door, so you can double-check your appearance before leaving. 


A full-length mirror is an excellent addition to your bedroom. You can place it on your bedroom door, closet door, or even inside a walk-in closet. Consider placing a circular style mirror above your bedhead to provide some extension. 

Colored mirrors can draw out the tones in your interior elements, such as your curtains. A mirror in your bedroom is convenient for those who love to check what they wear. Make sure to set the mirror in an area where you can stand back.

Tips on How High to Hang a Mirror  

Mirrors are forms of artwork that you can mix and match with other decors. You can enhance your space with how you hang a mirror. When you hang mirrors, you should place them four to five meters above the ground. 

When hanging a mirror in your dining room, you should set it on the wall closest to your table. Hang it at eye level or around four to six feet off of the floor. If you want to hang the mirror over a buffet console, leave a four-inch gap between the mirror and console. 

If you’re planning to hang a mirror over your couch, try not to place it too high or too low. Set it around 8 to 12 inches above your sofa. If the sofa has thicker cushioning, place it about 10 to 12 inches above the couch. 

Full-length mirrors are the best choice for making any corner of your room look brighter and bigger. Most full-length mirrors are leaner, so you don’t have to hang them on the wall. If you want to hang full-length mirrors, set it at a distance where you can see your full body. 

What to Avoid When Hanging a Mirror 

Mirrors can look weird and feel annoying if you place it wrong. Avoid using tacks or small nails to hang mirrors since most mirrors are heavy and need quality hardware to keep them secure. Don’t place a mirror in front of your bed. 

The morning light can reflect on the mirror and disturb your sleep. Having too many mirrors is not a good idea either since it can feel overloaded. Don’t hang a mirror in the kid’s room or on the ceiling since it has a higher chance of falling and breaking. 

If you’re trying to achieve feng shui, avoid placing the mirror facing the front door. Make sure your mirror doesn’t face anything negative like clutter and trash bins. Don’t place any mirrors that reflect mirrored tiles or ceiling as they distort your image. 

Your Guild for Finding the Best Art Deco Mirror and Placement 

Now that you know how to hang your art deco mirror, you should be sure to practice feng shui. Try not to place too many mirrors in your house and limit them to the three main areas stated above. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to decorate your place well with mirrors today!

Are you looking for more guides on interior design? There is more for you to do in your house than hanging mirrors around for design. Check out more of our guides to design a beautiful home today! 


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