The covid19 pandemic has left many people thinking of ways to earn extra income from home, especially those who have spent most of the year 2020 indoors during lockdowns and quarantine. Not only that, if you would like to earn extra income to boost your savings for a rainy day, settle a debt or fund a project, there are so many ways of doing that thanks to technology. Unlike in the past, where you required a second job to earn extra income, today, you can use the skills you have and technology, work from your home’s convenience, and get paid. That said, check out the several ways you can work from home and earn extra income.

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Microwork tasks

Working as a micro worker means lending your skills to companies as a freelancer in what is today known as the gig economy. These days, instead of hiring full-time staff, many companies are paying project-based freelancers to do their work, such as data entry, research, graphic creation, website updates, transcription, among others. Microwork sites perform the function of connecting micro-workers with businesses that need such time-limited services. Although such jobs are short term and do not pay a lot of money, they are a way to earn extra income from home.

Sell your photos online.

Have you ever wondered where the photos you see on sites such as pixels, stock images, iStock, or adobe stock come from? Well, you can earn additional income by selling your best-captured photos to such sites. You don’t need to be a professional photographer. You can start with the quality photos you have on your smartphone today and earn extra income.

Earn through your car

Since your car is sitting in the garage while you are at home, why not earn some money with it? You can rent it out or advertise businesses with it. If you worry that your car will be damaged when you rent it out, you have the alternative of using it to advertise business or taxiing business. However, it’s essential to consider your type of car and its engine size since the fuel it consumes could be more than what you are being paid. Also, factor in wear and tear that may cost you more. Other companies that pay you to drive your car include uber, Lyft, myfreecar, among others.

Mystery shopper

The many products being launched into the markets need someone to test them. You can be paid as a mystery shopper whereby you shop and test new products. Such jobs are fun, and it means you get free products. However, beware of companies who charge you money to be a mystery shopper. Signing up as a mystery shopper is free when you are dealing with a legitimate company. You may be asked to perform extra tasks such as visiting stores, visiting specific departments, querying other people for detailed information, and reporting the data, experience, and findings.

Sell your unwanted items on eBay.

Another way of earning extra money from home is through selling your unwanted items on eBay. You may have greater success with things such as jewelry, books, electronics, and wedding dresses. The best way to get the most out of it is to include a compelling description of your items.

The final thoughts

There are different ways of earning extra income from home to fund your projects. You could save more for a rainy day or fund a project with additional income.


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