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How to decorate wooden coffee table

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The coffee tables online has a prominent place and function in the living room. Since the eyes will be on it, keep it look very clean. You may even want a style, just like an artwork. Use art technology to design a look, such as tapping balance with symmetry and writing a color story or style.

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1 – Pare Down the design

Simple displays like that of artist Sarah Greenman are attractive without disturbing the eyes. The display uses a clear acrylic tray, which looks neat and can focus on books and flowers. Don’t make the table too complicated or cluttered.


2 – Keep it Balanced

Balance is an essential part of any coffee table display. Symmetry is one of the easiest ways to achieve visual harmony. On the table molded by Amanda Carol Interiors, three are magic numbers. The object in the middle ground the screen. Smaller book stacks are similar in size to balance the entire screen. Three sets of table legs and a three-part lampshade make this table and the entire room look even and neat.


3 – Compose a Vignette

When composing the coffee table display, you can create a vignette or try to make an impression. The key to a perfect decorative pattern is manipulating the elements together. Elements can be connected using colors, styles, shapes, or similar themes. In this exhibition by Massimo Interiors, the commonalities between the objects are subtle. Three objects are circular, while the other objects are rectangular.


4 – Use a Tray

The tray is a simple technique that deserves the attention of Pinterest. Stylists and decorators like Vanessa Francis Interior Design use trays to make elements work together in the display. The right tray can organize table items in a sleek and uniform look. In this table, the tray and the vignette are white, keeping it simple.


5 – Consider Proportions

As for the shape of the coffee table, objects of the right size look better. Items should be large enough to prevent them from disappearing from the table. These objects should not overwhelm the screen or obstruct the function. In this exhibit by Park & ​​Oak Interior Design, you have enough space to leave drinks, books, or remotes.


6 – Work with the Room

Integrate the elements into the coffee table and display them with the rest of the space. In this transitional living room designed by Cortney Bishop Design, the style of the coffee table maintains the rustic feel of the space. The log coffee table visually fits into the rough wooden mantel. The wooden bowl and the box are integrated into the room.


7 – Keep the Items Low

When creating a coffee table display, avoid tall, heavy objects that obstruct the view of people seated on either side of the table. Think of a creative way to use works of different heights on the coffee table. This display from Digs Design Company combines thin branches to create a transparent perspective. A simple white vase seems to disappear and merge with the white table, the display effect is even greater.


8 – Overcrowd with Purpose

The formal living room is where you can place precious items on the coffee table. In this formal living room by Alexander James Interiors, multiple tables are used just to display items. This room is unlikely to be used for entertainment, it looks more like a space to visit museum-quality artwork.


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