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How to Choose a Bedside table for your Home


When choosing the right furniture for the bedroom, we immediately focused on the bed, because it is the most practical and important piece of the space, right?

However, choosing the right bedside table is equally important, because what you place next to the bed will not only affect the functionality of the space, but also its aesthetics.

The way of thinking in the past was to buy a nightstand that matched your entire bedroom furniture. From the bed to the dressing table, the bedside table and even the underwear dressing table, everything has the same surface treatment, color, style and design.

Things to consider before buying the Modern White Bedside Table

Size: People use everything such as small boxes, desks, small chairs and even small stools as bedside tables. If they look good and work in the space, go for it. However, before making a final decision, please keep these important sizing rules in mind. The small bedside table should always be the same height as the mattress. Anything higher or lower does not look right. Speaking of depth, you don’t want the depth to exceed 24 inches. Anything larger than this range will make getting in and out of bed a little uncomfortable. As long as it is practical and meets your needs, it can be reduced to the size you want.

Storage: Many people choose white bedside table with storage. These types of tables are great because you can store books, slippers or anything else, but if you like a simple look, you can choose something without additional storage space. In order to get a truly clean and low-key appearance, you can even install shelves or wall brackets around the height of the mattress instead of using a traditional desktop.

Accessories: Regarding accessories, your bedside table should be simple. All you need is a lamp, a clock, and maybe a small vase with flowers or photo frames on it. Remember, bedside tables are practical. Find another place to display trinkets. You don't want to accidentally arrive at night and knock down a lot of accessories.

To match or don’t match: The most common aspect is that there are two matching tables on each side of a large bed, but this is not required. If you find two separate tables, use them. If you want the room to look harmonious, place matching lights on each table to help bring the two styles together. Of course, to get a unified look, please feel free to wear traditional paired clothing.

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