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How to Budget for a Household Move

Household Move

Budgeting is an important aspect of moving. Individuals always overlook the need to have a budget, and they end up regretting later when they spend more on logistics. Lack of adequate preparation can easily lead to higher costs in moving.

Several items can make moving costly. It involves the cost of packaging and purchasing of moving supplies. However, Schroder moving & storage have the experts that can offer insight into the costs of moving items from one location to another. They have experience in the industry, and the information gathered can go a long way in developing a budget for your moving plan.

Budgeting for a Household Move

We do not need to sit back and wait for things to happen. By planning, we can identify the risks and costs when moving. It helps in having a price for all services rendered by moving companies. Since you are ahead of schedule, you can choose to undertake some of the tasks than outsourcing them. Here are steps to creating a budget;

Have a Template

In the digital era, there are many mobile applications that you can download to assist in budgeting. Those comfortable with a computer can use an excel worksheet to develop a template for the budget. You can easily find ready-made books for record-keeping; they are not bulky.

The Logistics

Whether you are using a moving company or renting a truck, many factors cut across both strategies. You will be charged for the vehicle’s fuel and labor for people loading. It is important to compare prices from different entities to choose from the most affordable. However, do not compromise on the quality of service on offer.

In some states and cities, it is a requirement to insure items on transit. You can also insure valuable items against damage, but you can find moving companies offering such services to clients at no extra cost. Get a quotation for services that you will need if moving by yourself or outsourcing the services. Include the miscellaneous cost like meals when moving with family members for long distances.

Ensure that you include all the costs in the template. You can list the prices against each service as you find creative ways of reducing the costs. Identify the tasks that you can do on your own or have friends help.

Sum up the Costs

After coming up with the specific costs, you need to sum it up to find the total. You need to add up the contingency fee at 5% of the total costs. After getting a clear picture of the money you are likely t spend, you need to find ways to reduce costs further. It may include negotiating with providers of moving services for a better deal.


Apart from budgeting, there are other ways that you can save money when moving. The industry largely depends on demand and supply; you can identify the perfect time to move. The off-season can reduce your relocation costs by half. It is advisable to know the seasons and take advantage of it.


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