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How Is CDN Good For SEO?

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As all businesses are quickly moving into the online sphere, adaptation has become a challenge for conversions and attracting more customers who can potentially become loyal followers of the brand. Data has reflected the belief that uses’ experience plays the biggest part in deciding the success of a business website. Brands are now looking for innovative solutions that can enhance user experience, and ultimately, lead to better conversion rates.

Just like in real lifethe location of your store matters for an easy and robust stream of customers and better visibility, in online spaces too, you need to keep the element of location in your consideration while building your website. The best way to do that is to appear constantly in front of the customers, especially when they are looking for something you can provide. The web search results page and its rankings function on this principle only. If your website has authority and a good location (with plenty of keywords to return as search results and many more things), you top the rankings and your website becomes the first place a customer goes to. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play.

Google has backed up its claims of visibility being a derivative of page loading speed and user experience with data from various surveys and feedback threads. Over 80% of website preferences depend upon the loading speed and overall elements that make it stand out. SEO devises strategies for both.

Content Delivery Networks, or CDNs, have popped up as quick-fix and effective solutions for page-loading and image optimization problems. Websites are constructed with complex JavaScript structures, CSS files, images and videos- not to mention elements that are purely present for aesthetics. All this will surely attract more people and make them stay on your website, but it also means your website will take a very long time to load all these heavy-duty pieces.

How Does CDN Work With SEO?

CDN are servers that work from your nearest geographical location. They store cached data and images, videos and functions of the website to provide a speedy access to the webpage. This translates into quicker loading time for your website, lesser waiting time for your viewers and better conversion rates.

SEO Services main objective is to help your website clinch the top spot on the search results page so that maximum people click on your website to visit. CDN helps hugely because of its characteristics and long-term aims. Here’s a point summary of how it collaborates with CDN.

  • Website loading time improves, which helps SEO to add-on more strategies and plug-ins for an even better timing.
  • CDN helps in optimizing images, storing them in the PoP(Point of Presence) servers so that any matter relating to duplication or image size can be resolved without the involvement of the parent server.
  • A frequent complaint for viewers and users is the expiration of sessions quickly. CDN takes care of that and optimizes the duration of sessions, which helps improve SEO techniques like positive reviews and extra perks.
  • Websites don’t need to be of the same scale in every location around the world. SEO optimization also tends to be different in structure for the type of location for the website. CDN becomes the middleman here and helps in scaling the website according to the geographical requirements.
  • Security is one feature you can never get enough of. It tends to become a bit trickier for the SEO to keep track of. CDN adds an additional layer of security for the website as any attack on one server or web location seals off the rest of the network and SEO can add more measures to it.

All in all, CDNs provide corridors for SEO to work more efficiently and accurately to get the best rankings for your website.


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