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How Fast Does Mould Grow After A Water Damage?


Water damage due to flood, leakage and any other issue can create severe problems and trouble for the individuals living in that place. Most of the time, water damage is the main reason for the destructions and damages in the commercial as well as residential buildings. For this, one should call and get the water damage restoration services as soon as possible to save the property and themselves.

Because standing water can damage important things such as furniture, carpets and floor as well. So, you need to move out the standing water immediately to protect the floor especially the basement. On the other hand, standing water is the main reason for the growth of mould and mildew on the floor, tiles and carpets. This growth of mould and mildew can make a living environment unhealthy and uncomfortable.

Because mould can easily grow inside the wet floor and carpets. For this, restoration and mould restoration services are necessary to resolve all these issues. Otherwise, it will hard to remove old mould, as well as tiles and carpets, turn black.

Moisture Is The Main Reason For The Growth Of Mould:

No matter what’s the level of damage and water deposit on the floor due to leakage or flood, even a little amount of moisture can grow mould and mildew. Because mould already exists in the environment due to moisturization and humidity and start growing after leakage.

On the other hand, grout and tiles have absorbent properties and absorb the water easily. So, the mould will grow within a few days after water damage and damage your floor and property. However, you can recover this issue by moving out all the standing water as well as drying the floor appropriately.

But you need to understand about the growth period of mould to tackle all these issues in a better way.

Time For Mould Growth:

After water and flood damage, you need to call flood cleanup services to restore the place and damaged area. On the other hand, you also need to understand the time for the growth of mould and mildew on the floor as well as carpets and furniture.

Because mould can affect the tiles, floor, furniture and carpets quickly by damaging the material as well as the quality of these things. If the humidity level is higher in the environment then it will take only 24 hours for the growth of mould. However, the mould spores will be visible to human eye within 20 days.

But the time for the growth of mould also depends on the environmental conditions such as temperature and air level. However, if you are not focusing on the damaged areas by getting the flood cleanup services then the loss will be doubled over time.

For this, it’s better to move away from the damaged goods from other things that are in good condition to save. Mould can easily grow in a wet place. Because the mould spores will penetrate the surface of the floor and tiles or begin to grow.

Most of the time, these mould spores also attach with dangerous germs and bacteria. In this case, these spores will make the environment unhealthy. At that point, one need to get the professional mould restoration services to clean out all these things efficiently after water damage.

On the other hand, if you are not cleaning and clearing the damaged area from mould and mildew then it will also damage other adjacent areas and places by growing mould. Therefore, it’s better to dry the area as soon as possible after water leakage and damage. Later on, let the area dry completely. For this, turn on all the ventilators and fans allowing the fresh air to enter inside after getting the water damage restoration services.

How To Prevent The Growth Of Mould?

If you have dried and clean up all the area after water damage then the chances for the growth of mould are rare. However, it requires time and professional tools for proper cleaning and drying. For this, it’s always better to get these services from a professional company. But you can do it by yourself also for a small area.

  • For this, firstly you need to remove and move out all the standing water on the floor. After that, turn on all the fans for better extraction of moisture over time. moreover, it’s better to do the appropriate cleaning of floor, tiles and carpets after water damage with the help of a mild cleaner as well as sanitize all these things.
  • Sanitization of carpets, tiles and floor will save all the individuals living at that place from infected germs and bacteria.
  • While cleaning and drying damaged areas, don’t forget about other adjacent areas as well. Because mould spores are everywhere in the air and can damage other areas invisibly over time. so, while getting the water damage restoration services and professional cleaning, consider these areas as well.
  • Move out and keep away the damaged furniture from the other things to prevent the growth of mould and mildew due to moisture.


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