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How Do You Start an Argumentative Essay Writing?


An argumentative essay writing is like proving a point. You have an argument with you that you need to prove for which you issue at hand, references to support your argument and clarity of thought. It’s like fighting a case legally by putting a strong belief in your side. All you have to do is make is persuasive and logical.


Try beginning with a hook

The starting of an argumentative essay is by putting forward a hook. This is usually one or two liners and is used to take the audience by surprise. The hook’s job is to make the reader stop and think. The hook can be stats or a personal incident, a theory, a fact, etc. Anything that makes a user apply his logic will get your job done. For instance, if you are writing on a topic of how HIV is affecting the African countries put forward the data by WHO on how many people have died or are currently affected by HIV. This will evoke an emotional response the audience will stay for a few minutes to see what you have to say.


Give a background to your concept, idea or theory

Giving the background to readers explains why you have chosen a topic, why it is important, and why anybody should pay attention to it. You can include some history or how things started etc. For instance, In the case of the above HIV example, you can share why the HIV rate is high in African countries when was African countries first hit by the deadly disease or what makes African countries susceptible to HIV.


Lay a strong thesis

The thesis is one powerful statement in the entire essay. It presents your main argument with logic. There is a difference between hook and thesis. The hook can be some facts or stats already out there but the thesis is your point of view. The whole idea of an argumentative essay is to pick arguments. You may believe one side of a story on which others might object. Thus thesis should build up arguments in the reader’s mind.


Things to avoid in the beginning

The beginning is a pitch that lays a platform for you. Don’t start explaining in the introduction itself. That part is for the middle body. Introductions should only make a reader understand what you are going to cover in your entire essay or what a reader should expect from the rest of the content. Keep beginnings catchy, though-provoking with an emotional catch. Use only professional and scientific language to express your views. Also, remember the readers are going to be ones that have either interest or who are already aware of what you are going to share. Thus, keep it factual, realistic, and don’t make things up.



An argumentative essay is one that needs planning of arguments ahead. If you believe you don’t have the expertise or skills to do justice you should avoid writing on your own and reach professionals like writingmyessay.com for essay writing services. professional essay writers are prolific and experienced and can deliver high-quality content.



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