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FInd Best Chambrelan specialist of heavy duty slide rails

Heavy duty slide rails

Heavy duty slide rails Details:

Heavy duty slide rails – Laminated steel slides are manufactured in volume on a high-quality tooling suite. This allows very competitive prices (compared to cold drawn steel slides) and speedy production times.

Typical applications are bank furniture, electronic shelving, automotive storage, and general consumer applications. Please follow our links to heavy-duty slide rails to purchase each product online.

We recommend four stock slides for general purpose use at low cost depending on load requirements… These are the most economical slides available from our extensive range and stocked in large quantities. The declines in this range are sold in pairs, except the TR7619 and TR7619 LOC, which are interchangeable.

A real innovation: heavy duty drawer slides 2000mm

Super extension slides can travel 150% of the closed length or even up to 200% with the DD versions. The drawer’s rear will completely clear the cabinet, and there will be space behind for access.

Heavy duty drawer slides 2000mm: when an overextension of 120% or less is required, the most cost-effective alternative is to specify a standard extension slide from our Professional Range. Often these can be modified from stock at no extra cost with a minimal load decrease.

The entire range is manufactured from high-grade steel type, which ensures a slide with strong raceways, fit for the industrial purpose they were designed. Steel beams are plated with industry standard zinc and passivate 10-12 microns surface protection. The plating is RoHS compliant.

Standard ball bearings are chrome plated steel with an option to upgrade to stainless steel 304 or 316. This suits applications such as train battery boxes where solid section stainless steel slides are beyond budget.

Full-extension design

Cold rolling steel

Very Reliable and Hard Wearing.

These Draw Slides are great for any environment, whether it be for work or leisure. They can be used in several applications, from camper trailers to vans and everything in between. One of these Draw Slides’ main features is that it is a Lock-In & Lock Out, which means that when it id the closed position, it is locked and won’t slide open. The same goes for when it is in the open position.

Chambrelan over extension drawer slides

Smooth and quiet as air. With its compact yet durable profile, the chamberlain model is an OEM substructure solution, offering customizable concealed motion hardware that streamlines versatile space-saving solutions such as mobile interiors, industrial equipment or machinery, and consumer products and appliances.

overextension drawer slides

    Supports loads up to 110 lbs.

    Drawer width tested up to 24″.

    For additional technical information, see below.

With your choice of full extension or overload, along with unique features such as Easy-Close or Self-Close, the chamberlain remains a custom-designed OEM product available to high volume customers. Longer lead times, tooling costs, and minimum order quantities may apply. 

industrial slide rails

Performance is a crucial concept for industrial slide rails and production machinery: equipment and workstations must operate adequately for long periods, often in demanding environments and exposed to polluting and corrosive substances.

The slightest disturbance or fault can bring a machine to a standstill, leading to an immediate loss of productivity in the production process and increased costs.

industrial drawer slides

In the rail industry (trains, streetcars), reliability and durability are the two main priorities when selecting components.

Heavy duty slide rails – Reliability, because passenger safety is paramount. Durability due to the extreme operating conditions, significant temperature and weather fluctuations, long-term exposure to strong vibrations, and the high demands on the service life of mechanical components in operation.

Operators require robust and reliable components to ensure long service life and low maintenance and repair costs for industrial drawer slides. Custom design solutions can be provided to meet the most demanding performance specifications.


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