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Embed Instagram Feed Gallery on Website


With the rise in technology, diverse Social media platforms have become much popular among people of all ages. Social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will help marketers to communicate and connect more easily with their customers. For the past many years, Instagram has become the most popular choice among brands, marketers, and users.

This social networking platform holds the highest rate of user engagement, best marketing reach, and brand following. Therefore the maximum of the brands uses this social media platform to market their product and reach more new customers.

Understanding the Instagram Feed

Take on board Instagram feed in simple words, as the discovery and curation of all significant and valuable user-generated content or UGC. These UGC can be curated into a single feed with the help of hashtags, keywords, handles, and many more.

The brand can simply use these feeds on their website to enhance user engagement and boost sales. For effective marketing, it is essential to curate all the valuable UGC into a single feed from different locations.

Numerous Tools to Embed Instagram Feed on Website

There are several tools to help you embed your Instagram feed gallery on your brand website. Know which tool works best for you. Here is the list of some of them-


One of the best user-generated content platforms for marketers is Taggbox. This tool lets them curate all the valuable UGC into a single feed and embed it on the website. It helps marketers to enhance user engagement, boost sales, and grow conversions. This can be simply done by displaying all the Instagram feeds on the website.

This valuable tool brings great features such as feed customization with beautiful designs, themes, fonts, colors, layouts, etc. Besides, this tool also offers a solid moderation panel with automation and profanity filters that maintain the quality of the content. It updates the content in real-time to maintain a unique, fresh, and updated feed.

Instagram Embedding

Instagram is a growing social networking platform that offers gigantic functionality. Thus Instagram itself offers you the feature of embedding the Instagram content on your website. All you can do is to embed a single post at a time from your Instagram account to your business website.

All this can be done with the access of Instagram from your desktop or laptop as it is not possible with your mobile phones. Like other tools, Instagram embedding also offers various features. Few of which are fast and responsive embedding as Instagram itself is the source, thus there are no security concerns.

You can easily and directly embed the post of your choice as it does not require any technical expertise. This is a good way to flaunt your reviews, testimonials, feedback, mentions, or shout out by any popular personalities.


Flockler is another excellent social media aggregator tool that helps in easy curation of your content from social media platforms. After curation, it easily displays it on websites. Like other tools, this tool also helps in easy curation of the content from your Instagram account and embed it on your brand website to enhance conversions. This, as a result, will help in increasing the visitor’s time spent on the website.

Some of the features that this tool offers are- data analytics availability for the feed, excellent feed customizations with designs, styling, layouts, and themes, feed API access to customize it, content moderation facility, and many more.


Curator.io is another of the most popular Instagram feed embed tools. This tool covers not only Instagram but also other diverse social media networks all at once, which makes it much popular among individuals.

This social media aggregator tool works with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Hashtag feeds, and many more. With the use of this tool, you can easily aggregate feeds from all of the different sources into a single embedded feed.

Benefits of Adding Instagram Feeds

For sure Instagram feeds proved to be beneficial for the brands. Its most obvious benefit is to help in the expansion of the brand, visibility, growth, and finally great impact on visitors. Embedding your Instagram feeds on the website will help in building a strong social community.

It makes it easier for visitors who come to your website to know your brand visibility on social media platforms. Thus maintain exciting and interesting feeds that help to catch a visitor’s eye and influence them to become your Instagram follower.

Instagram has become a solid selling tool, thus placing your happy real-customers photos will help you in increasing sales. Embedding Instagram feeds on the website is a good way to drive up online conversions. This marketing tactic also acts as social proof in displaying a consistent and powerful Instagram business presence. This, as a result, delivers authenticity and credibility to your brand.

Key Takeaways

If you wish to see good results from your social media marketing then you must try adding an Instagram feed to your website. The simple and sure result of it will boost the reach and visibility of your posts so that it reaches a more number of people.

With its use, you can even tell your brand story on your website through real customers. thus it is beneficial for both your website and Instagram through more engagement, sales, and followers.


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