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Designer’s Tips for Selecting Fabric and Customizing Curtains


For interior designers in Bangalore Curtains play a larger role in a room than just window covers. The right choice of Curtains can change the entire atmosphere and appeal of a room.

They not only provide us with Privacy and Warmth; they also are a Crucial Décor Factor for interiors as well as modular kitchen Bangalore. So choosing the right Fabric for your Curtain is a must.

Interior decorators in Bangalore must consider the Color, Design, Fabric, Length, and Lining requirements with care to make the most out of your Curtain selection.

Advantages of Custom Curtains over Ready-made Store Bought Curtains

  • Design: Ready-made curtain design is dependent on relevant trends, and the options are limited. Customizing your own curtains allows you to create the exact design that suits your home the best.
  • Quality: Store-Bought curtains are made from cheap material and therefore do not last very long, However, custom curtains are made from the finest cloth and sewn especially to meet your demands.
  • Fitting: Standard sizing does not fit all windows, i.e., the measurement of your windows may drastically differ from other windows. This is not the issue with custom-made curtains, thus allowing room for more elements for curtain design.
  • Lining: One of the largest differences between custom and ready-made curtains is in the lining. The store-bought curtain does not necessarily have a lining; however, the lining is crucial as it helps to give a look of fullness to the curtain and improves the curtain’s longevity. This is because lining actually protects the curtain from fading quickly due to the sun’s harmful rays.

Curtains add a functional and aesthetic value to your room; therefore, you must decide the purpose for your curtains, which will make deciding the Drapery simple.

Tips for Fabric Selection when buying or customizing your Curtains

  • If the room receives a lot of sunlight, it is best to choose a fabric such as Cotton or Linen as they do not fade quickly, therefore is ideal for such a room. You may also wish to consider using a Cotton and Polyester mixture.
  • If you are thinking about privacy, then the Sheer Fabrics are best suited as they will allow a natural flow of light and give a luxe and opulent finish. Moreover, Sheer Fabrics add to the space factor and are easy to maintain and manage.
  • If you wish to block sunlight completely, then you can choose the 100 % Block Out Coated Fabrics. Another alternative is the Triple Weave fabric that allows some light to filter into the room.
  • To give a dressy look to your curtains, you can choose Fabrics such as Jacquard, Silk, or even Velvet Drapery. They can add a truly stunning look and a beautiful texture to the room. If maintenance is an issue, then opt for Jacquard as Velvet needs to be dry cleaned.

Take the dimensions of the window frame and get a tailored look. We hope these tips will help you when Designing or Customizing your Curtains. For each room, you should explore different varieties of styles as each room’s requirements will be different.



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