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Cozy Kitchen – 6 Simple Ways To Improve The Vibe In Your Kitchen

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The kitchen has long been known as the heart of the home, but without the right care and consideration, it can end up being far from it. Has the heart of your home stopped beating? If it has, these six simple methods for improving the vibe in your kitchen will help:

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1. Get Some Nice Kitchen Gear

One of the quickest ways to fall out of love with a kitchen is when it lacks function. Maybe all your pans are beaten and broken. Maybe, you kind of hate your crockery. If your products and small appliances are dampening your kitchen vibe, donate them to charity, and treat yourself to the best cookware online. Your kitchen feels will be so much nicer with some new bits and bobs that better match your style.

2. Brighten Up

If your kitchen is all grey, white, or beige, or you’re rocking some drab old patterns you don’t dig at all, it’s time to brighten up. We naturally respond to color as humans, with colors like yellow, for example, known to make us feel upbeat, creative, bright, and cheery. Whether you try your new bright color scheme with the decor, the splashback, the cupboards, or the walls, the vibe of the space will be much brighter when you’re done.

3. Get Planty

Scientists have found that plants can boost our mood and help decrease stress. Let’s not forget that they also look epic, especially in the kitchen. Add some philodendron or pothos dangling down from a shelf, a line of succulents on the windowsill, a big statement monstera deliciosa by the sliding doors – Instagram will be calling out for your posts!

4. Cook

It might sound obvious, but studies show that millennials actually eat out over a quarter more than any other generation. They also spend little more than 10 minutes a day on meal prep. Basically, loads of us aren’t cooking at home anymore, which means our kitchens are starting to feel unused and unloved. Cooking properly in your kitchen (toast doesn’t count!) will create memories and all of the good vibes, even if the result of your culinary experiments go wrong.

5. Sunshine, Sunshine, Looks Like Morning In Your Eyes

The more natural light in any room of the house, the better it looks, and the better it feels. In Scandinavian design, natural sunshine is at the heart of the home aesthetic because they get so little of it, especially in January when the far North of Sweden is dark around the clock.

Clean those kitchen windows, open those curtains, and let that Vitamin D flow in. Kitchens also look great with ceiling lights and floor to ceiling windows if you’re thinking about any more substantial home improvements.

6. Cut The Cr*p

If your kitchen is full of rubbish, you will probably feel like rubbish when you are in there. They say a tidy house is a tidy mind and that is so true, especially in such a functional room like the kitchen. Get the bin bags out, chuck a podcast on and get rid of anything broken or useless. If you can donate or sell anything instead, the environment will thank you for it.

“Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.” – Andrew Zimmern

Your kitchen can have all of the good vibes, but only if you put the effort in and maybe give some of these tips a go. With the right changes, you can enjoy a kitchen that looks and feels awesome, reintroducing the beat to this all-important heart of the home.


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