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Corrugated Boxes: First Choice For Transportation


There is a primary concern for an online retailer and logistic companies to deliver the article safely at the destination. It is a nightmare for the e-commerce business when they come to know about their damaged articles, so shipping articles from one destination to another can be an intimidating task. You do not only want the package to ship items but also want to guarantee: it is carried sound and safe. If a customer receives anything damaged or broken, it is not only a financial loss, but all leave a harmful impact on the business. There might be chances you may lose a loyal customer. The corrugated boxes are the best choice to avoid such scenarios.

Do you know that almost 95% of all items in the United States of America are transported in corrugated packaging? This material is everywhere and becomes an integral part of any business. For a lot of industry and brands, cardboard or corrugated has become the priority material.Best Material Chose by Brands - Currogated Cardboard

Here is one thing that you need to understand the difference between cardboard and corrugated material. Most of you think these two are the same, but the purpose they serve is entirely different. Form it’s manufacturing to the resistance against external factors makes them opposed to each other. If you compare both of them, you will find a noticeable difference.

Today most of the businesses prone to this fluted cardboard. Why is it so? Why it becomes the first choice for transportation? Is it because of its cost or low-weight? Let us find out all about it.

What Are Corrugated Boxes?

Custom printed corrugated shipping boxes and transportation is directly linked to each other. Most of the time, your articles come in the fluted cardboard material, not in regular cardboard.  When choosing the perfect stuff to transport your articles in, it is essential to understand what kind of package you are getting.

Cardboard material typically links to the thick papers-pulp or heavy paper stock. Manufacturers use these marital in greeting cards or cereal boxes. Although the corrugated boxes free shipping is consists of the same material that is cardboard. But it is essential to know the difference between these two materials. These two materials are not the same as it appears.

A standard corrugated package consists of three layers of papers, outer liner, an inner liner, and the middle one. The Center layer is ruffled in shapes. These ruffled papers are the one that makes it best for shipping.

It Provide Maximum Protection

Do you know custom corrugated shipping boxes are much stronger than the regular cardboard package? What is the primary concern of every reliable and logistic company? It is to deliver the articles safe and sound.  The ruffled boxes offer the best cushion effect and secure the article from external pressure.

These corrugated box design secure damage and puncture. The middle layer of the box plays a vital role in making to resist external pressure. As the number of flutes increases, there is an increase in the strength of the package. These boxes are manufactured to keep the bacteria and moisture away for the product. This type of material is not only suitable for shipping fragile items but also for food items.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

When it comes to shipping, cost plays an essential role. But the best thing is that custom printed corrugated boxes are one of the best pocket-friendly options. What makes this material cost-effective is its raw material and manufacturing cost. It does not need high-cost of labor or expensive tools to make the cartons.

The raw material of these boxes is cheap and readily available. It is pocket friendly because it consists of reused cartons and papers. Here is another interesting fact, the transportation cost of these boxes are also low. Why is it so? Let us find out under the next heading!

Light Weight Corrugated Cardboard Boxes for Shipping

Light In Weight

When you transport the item, usually, it is delivered globally, even to a long distance. So here you want a package that can transport easily. So you do not want to increase the shipping cost of the articles. Do you know these custom printed corrugated shipping boxes are not only durable but also lightweight?  Being light, these boxes comfortable to carry and do not add up in the weight of the article. No one wants to pay extra bucks for the shipping Boxes. The lightweight custom-sized corrugated boxes do not add up in the article’s net weight, reducing the shipping cost.

Why Corrugated Boxes Are The Best Option?

When it comes to delivery cartons, custom corrugated shipping boxes are best for transporting purposes because of the logics mentioned above. From its shipping cost to strength makes it the best choice for packaging.


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