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Avoid these common mistakes while choosing packers and movers company


Keeping all the complications & risks involved in office and home relocations in mind, it is a big challenge for anyone to do in the absence of skilled packers and movers. Alongside making all sorts of arrangements for packing, loading, manpower, transportation, & other shifting requirements, many of us commit some common mistakes while relocating our goods on our own. If you think that shifting is a ‘Do it yourself’ task then you are wrong as it demands a lot of planning, labor, & expertise to avoid unwanted hurdles in the process. It is not going to be easy if you are planning to move your apartment or office without a moving company.

The reasons why the majority of homeowners prefer to hire packers and movers are the shifting worries that may ruin their comfort on a moving day. Apart from the hassles of relocating to a new address, reaching the right shifting service provider is like shot in the dark specifically when you have endless options to choose from. Nowadays, you can easily find local packing and moving agencies near to you but you’re lucky if they turn out to be genuine & affordable packers and movers for fulfilling your shifting needs.

Nobody wants to encounter uninvited troubles in the shifting process. So, if you are thinking of the ways to eliminate your various concerns with the safety and timely relocation of your belongings then avoid these crucial mistakes while hiring packers and movers company in India and other countries:

Last-minute rush in finding moving company:

Nothing is more tiring than packing and moving your household goods unless you not relocating for the first time. Instead of facing difficulties in shifting all alone, you must involve packers and movers to relocate your home without causing any nuisance & delays in the process. But approaching a moving company at the last moment is not a good idea as their packers and movers may ask you to pay more for emergency charges and arrangements.

You must be booking packers & movers a few weeks earlier than your final shifting day for these reasons:

  • The labors for packing & moving might not available to move your goods
  • Non-availability of resources, equipment, & other resources required for household shifting.
  • Increased chances of paying extra charges for booking at the last moment.
  • No options to ask for negotiations in rates of on-demand packers and movers services
  • Risks of hassles, damages, & delays due to lack of workforce and unplanned shifting process.

Not asking & comparing quotes:

Customers are most likely to make a major mistake by not comparing and evaluating the rates of hiring on-demand packers and movers in India. In the crowd of reputed & certified moving companies operating in your city or town, you can easily shortlist two or three good shifting service providers and hire them as per your preferences and budget.

If you want to relocate without compromising with your spending limits & convenience, you must first analyze the competencies of their packers and movers and then compare their charges with other moving agencies on your list. A large number of shifting companies claim their expertise in carrying out home & office relocation’s at cheap rates but you’ve no idea to inspect if they’re genuine or not.

To avoid getting fooled by fake moving agencies with inefficient and unprofessional packers and movers, you must evaluate their reputation in the market before hiring any at once.

Opting for the cheapest options:

There is nothing wrong if you choose affordable & quality moving solutions to relocate at budget-friendly rates but beware of scammers who use this strategy to lure innocent customers. Believe it or not, you will witness a variation of up to 20% to 30% in the prices of services offered by most local packers and movers available near to you. Since the Indian logistic industry is one of the most unorganized business sectors, more than half of the moving firms are frauds and operating without proper certification & license.

Don’t fall for those who promise you to offer the cheapest services with discounts and benefits. Act smart rather than regretting later!

Not asking for insurance & paperwork:

While being in a hurry to hire packers and movers, most of us ignore insurance facilities and other essential paperwork required to be done before handing over your goods to any shifting service provider. Do not assume that your moving company will meet your expectations as being a customer you have the right to ask for insurance facility so that you can claim the compensations in case your goods get damaged or lost during or after the packing, loading, & shifting process.

If you are availing full-service moving services then you don’t need to take the headache of packing your goods as their packers and movers will do this job. People who are planning to move for the first time are advised to keep the above-defined mistakes in mind to have a hassle-free shifting experience with many packers and movers, specifically in India. We all make mistakes but it is better to prevent them instead of regretting in the end!


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