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Are You Doing Google My Business SEO Right?


For many companies, search engine optimization (SEO) is often the answer to many of the questions that come with general business management. After all, SEO is all about getting the attention of the Google algorithm, which is known to be the source of success for anyone looking into digital marketing. Unfortunately, while many people want to get the attention of the algorithm and get an advantageous position on the search engine results page (SERP), not too many companies know how to get the job done the right way.

It is the reason why savvy company owners go for the top SEO companies San Antonio to ensure that their rank is secure with the algorithm. That said, there is only so much that the best agencies can provide a company. Many of the issues stem from the fact that some companies are too inexperienced to provide the best possible SEO experience for their digital marketing push.

Fortunately, learning all about how to utilize various aspects of SEO does not have to be challenging. For example, when it comes to optimizing a website, it is all about keeping things as simple as possible. It involves removing unnecessary widgets, and potentially changing image resolutions to ensure that things load quickly. Properly optimizing Google My Business to work well with search engine optimization is similarly simple and easy to perform.

Do you have a Google My Business account?

To keep things as simple as possible, it is crucial to explain that the Google Business Profile is separate from the Google My Business account. That said, the company utilizes the Google My Business account to help make changes and generally optimize the Google Business Profile. For those that are still confused about the differences between the two, the only thing to consider is that the business needs both accounts to help make a difference in the world of SEO.

Once the process has begun and the Google My Business account has been created, the next thing to do is to ensure that every aspect of the profile has been filled with accurate data. The reason why such a thing helps is that it opens up opportunities for the company to pop up in local search. For those who might not necessarily see the advantage of filling in every section, keep in mind that it is a business profile run by Google, which means it also works best with the Google algorithm.

Some sections can be a little harder to fill than others

Filling up the necessary sections can seem like a simple task, but those who have little experience in the matter might not fill them in properly. For example, in the Categories and Attributes section, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the business to ensure that the user provides the necessary information.

It also pays to be extremely specific when it comes to contact information. For example, it would be ideal for the business name to be identical to the sign hanging on the physical establishment. Keep in mind that adding the name of the location might be penalized as it is often considered spam by the algorithm. That said, if the location name is also a part of the store name, it would still be a good idea to keep things as accurate as possible.

A crucial note when it comes to filling in the profile

The trouble with some companies is they often get the names and locations wrong in various other listings. Not only does this make things harder for the company owner to manage their online presence, but it also makes the company that much harder to be seen as legitimate by the Google algorithm. If the company owner is unsure about other listings, it is recommended to search everything and ensure that the listings match. It means that there could be potential problems when it comes to the word street as opposed to “st”. It is vital that the company gets every listing precisely the same to ensure that the algorithm effectively indexes and ranks the profile.

The importance of the “from the business” section

It might seem a little strange, but the description easiest to find from the Google My Business profile is not something that the company owner can change. Instead, it is something that Google writes down. That said, the descriptions are typical succinct, to the point, and well-written. The company owner has their own means of writing down a description through the “from my business” section. While it might be more difficult to find than the Google-written description, it is still crucial to provide as much information as possible.

For example, instead of repeating what has already been placed in the “About Us” section, it would instead be a good idea to focus on other aspects of the company. Perhaps how the business separates itself from the rest of the pack and provides the necessary reason for clients to choose the company over competitors.

The key is to gather Google reviews

Aside from making sure that the profile is filled with the necessary information, it would also be a good idea to take steps toward gathering Google reviews. The advantage the company has with a great Google My Business profile is that it is much easier for potential clients to find. It also helps to have the aforementioned optimized website, as it ensures that people are going to be happy enough to write positive reviews. It can seem a little strange how one single profile can mean such a big difference in the world of digital marketing. However, the My Google Business account is not just any profile. It is something utilized by the top SEO companies San Antonio to help propel their clients to the top of the food chain. It is a profile connected to the world’s largest and best search engine, and will ensure that any digital marketing strategy can reach the intended audience. Without the help of such a profile, it can be challenging for the algorithm to put things together regarding the company — especially if different listings have different bits of information.


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