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Are Mugshots Public Records?


Anyone who is arrested and charged with a crime will have their mugshot taken. But, what happens to the police department photograph after the person has been cleared of charges – or was even falsely accused in the first place. That arrest data and their mugshot becomes public record and is made available to citizens on request and online.

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How to Get Rid of Mugshots Online

If you or a loved one has a mugshot and desire to clear your name and clean-up your online reputation, then you will need to know how to get rid of mugshots online. Pre-internet, this would be as easy as going to your local police sheriff’s department to state your case. But today, third-party companies actually collect mugshots, post them on Websites and charge a fee to have them removed.

These companies also make a lot of cash on advertising. So, it is to their advantage to keep a large database of mugshots, even when the person has been cleared of all charges, or the case was expunged, or a judge ruled that the records be sealed.

The best way to remove mugshot is to partner with a reputable mugshot and arrest records removal company that has experts who know where to look and who to contact to have your mugshots removed online.

Consider Mugshot Removal Services

 You may have heard of free mugshot removal websites that only search a small fraction of the sites that post outdated mugshots. To go against these sometimes fraudulent business practices of making people pay to have old mugshots removed will sometimes require an attorney. Consider the damage that can be done if your mugshot stays on the internet.

You may experience trouble finding a job, lose out on financial ventures, or even have a prospective love interest turn and run. The damage and embarrassment of a booking photo can be far-reaching. So, what the difference when you hire a professional team to search the world-wide-web and remove all instances of your mugshot.

Benefits of expert mugshot removal

  • Can find and expunge all mugshot records including felonies and legal charge sheet
  • Uses software that automatically crawls the internet to search and find all records
  • Regain your reputation and opportunities for dating, employment, and apartment renting
  • No longer be branded as a criminal and suffer from repeatedly explaining your situation
  • End the extortion by mugshot posting businesses that seek to earn a profit on your

Even reputable news sources will continue to post the mugshot of an innocent person in their news archives. These same databases can be searched by the public at any time. Laws are trying to get editors to stop posting mugshot slideshows of persons who have not been convicted, even though they were arrested for a crime.\

It is the right of everyone to be presumed innocent under the law until they have had their day in court. And going to a lawyer isn’t the answer either. An attorney can successfully state your case to have your record expunged or go through the process of habeas corpus.

But, they don’t specialize in searching, finding, and removing all the copies of your mugshot that may pop up in public records and online. Only a mugshot removal company can help you with that.


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