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All about Underground Warning Tape and Underground Warning Mesh


As the heading suggests, this article will provide basic information about Underground warning tape and underground warning mesh. Whether it’s the definition of these two warning essentials or their importance and color codes, it will help you be aware of disasters. It is a common scenario when you see warning signs around an area, and you probably know what a warning sign means. 

Like any other warning signs, underground warning tape and underground warning mesh does the same thing to prevent accidents but in a different way. There is a lot inside the underground. Everything we get, or we don’t is under our basement and roads. When we find men at work, there must be requirements for digging, and there are some certain underground lines that service members should not touch even by mistake. Underground warning tape and underground warning mesh prevent service members from harming those underground lines or pipes and make them aware.

Underground warning tape: 

When you talk about warning measures, it is not shocking to question what an underground warning tape means. However, before you get to know about the color codes, these tapes’ importance will help if you understand what an underground warning tape is. 

As mentioned in the previous part, some certain underground utility lines such as water lines, gas lines, communication lines, etc. Mistakingly digging on these lines can cause significant accidents. Underground warning tapes work as a warning message for workers not to dig in further.

Importance of underground warning tapes

Commonly used terms for warning tape can be caution tape, barricade tapes, etc. For example, when workers dig in the ground, they might find caution tape buried above the utility lines to catch their eyes and warn them about the dangerous event that can happen. It is not only a danger for the workers but everyone living around as well.

Digging on a utility line might cause water pipe leakage and a gradual shortage of water. On the other hand, exploring a gas pipe or electric tube can lead to the worst accidents. Needless to say that it will take a considerable amount of money to repair any damaged utility line. Placing these caution tapes at a specific distance and following the color codes can prevent the worst situations and save many lives.

The material used to make a caution tape is nothing but a low-density polyethylene. There are various color options in these non-adhesive films. Placing these caution tapes above the utility lines with a customized warning message and unique color code makes the excavators aware of the danger ahead. It works as an instant visual warning to the excavators during excavation work. Seeing a warning tape means the excavation work must not continue below further or might lead to an extraordinary situation.

On the other hand, another type of caution tape, formerly known as detectable warning tape. It is pretty different from the other underground warning tape as it is the same size as the utility line. The width of the detectable warning tape depends on the size and depth of the utility line buried underground. The width of the warning tape is again the measurements for the deep where excavators will place the detectable warning tape.

It is always a better and effective way to show a warning using detectable warning tape. It protects the lines 24hours each day and delivers a stop sign with high visibility feature even if excavators can’t locate the lines during excavation.

Color codes for warning tape

Even though warning tapes are essential during excavations and help excavators locate the underground utility lines, one more thing makes it more effective. Introducing a color code is to make the excavators aware of what service line is there under the barrier. American Public Works association created a color standard for warning tapes. It suggests

  • Yellow warning tapes warn about petroleum, gas, oil, steam, or any gaseous substance.
  • Red warning tape warns about electric power lines, cables, etc.
  • Orange warns about the signal, communication line, etc.
  • Blue warns about potable water
  • Pink suggests temporary making of surveys
  • White refers to excavation
  • Purple tape is for slurry lines, reclaimed water
  • Last but not least, green refers to drain lines and sewers.

Underground warning mesh:

Underground warning mesh works as a protective cover or shield during excavations for the utility pipes or lines buried underground. Underground warning mesh has a uniform color standard like warning tape. The printed warning message on the gap of the mesh strips helps excavators realize that there is a utility line such as electrical cable, water lines, gas pipes, sewers, etc.

The material of mesh is either polypropylene or polyethylene. Underground warning mesh is like a middle layer between the service lines and the surface; it alerts the local workers during excavation. In addition, the high visibility of the warning mesh works as a physical barrier for workers during recess which is another benefit of the warning mesh.

Importance of underground warning mesh

Like any other underground warning equipment, underground warning mesh indicates a utility line buried under it, and the excavators must not dig into it. The mid-way protector is a lifesaver. Apart from alerting the excavators, it has a more beneficial feature. If excavators use genny or CAT during the digging work, they can get an advanced detection using the length of the SS wire that passes through the size of the mesh. 

There are two types of warning mesh designs such as detectable warning mesh and non-detectable warning mesh. The color code for underground warning mesh is the same as the underground warning tape. Customers can find available warning mesh as per their requirements with a customized warning message.


Excavators or construction workers need to be aware of what’s under the ground they dig in. Placing warning tape and mesh at the proper distance prevents dangerous accidents and saves a lot of money. 


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