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5 Important Tips for Boardroom Design


The big corporations understand the importance of having a well-designed boardroom. This is the place where different kinds of clients meet for different reasons, and its appearance can leave an impression about the corporation. There is a lot that happens here and the design of the boardroom is something that should be put into serious consideration. The experience that clients have here will tell more about the business. Here are five important tips for designing the boardroom to fit the needs of the clients.

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1. Automation Technology

Automation technology involves having things that can be operated automatically. This is an essential aspect that improves the user experience by making everything easy. So, when designing a boardroom, it is vital to ensure various things can be operated through a touch of a button. Such include blinds, air conditioners, sound systems, lights, and more. Some of these options can be easily connected to applications on tablets or smartphones to ensure proper automation during meetings.

2. Acoustics

In a boardroom, there is a lot of talking and debate going on. Sometimes the meeting can be private such that nobody from outside should hear what is happening on the inside. Therefore, having acoustics such as acoustic wall panels, acoustic carpets, and ceilings, is crucial. It reduces the echo from the inside such that people can hear each other. Acoustic panels help in improving sound quality, hence an important aspect to include in the design.

3. Lighting

Lighting is another vital aspect of a meeting room. You need to ensure that the room is getting enough light, but not too much light. You can allow in natural light by installing glass windows or use artificial light. With overhead lights, it is vital to have dimmer switches where people can make the light dim or bright depending on what they need. This is important, especially when using projectors or during video presentations.

4. Display Systems

Today, boardrooms are equipped with the latest technology to improve user experience. So, it is imperative to consider this essential aspect in your boardroom. The projectors available today require proper connection of HDMI, AV, and VGA. Therefore, you will need to ensure the cables are concealed through the wall or pipes. Make sure that these cables run through the desks so that anybody can connect their laptops to the projector. Have the projector concealed and only lowered when in use.

5. Furniture

The type and size of furniture you choose will depend on the space available. Nevertheless, you must ensure the furniture will provide the comfort your clients need. Choose the right table and ensure the sets are easily adjustable and can be easily moved. You can get a table with mini drawers so that clients can stack their things while in the meeting. Also, have a bin in one corner for proper disposal of trash.


If you consider the above points, then you are ready for an unbelievable boardroom experience. Make sure your boardroom is safe and comfortable for the users. This way, you will be giving them the opportunity of holding uninterrupted executive discussions. A well-designed boardroom will also leave a good image of the entire business.


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