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Why Text Marketing Works For Your Business Against Email Marketing?


Email marketing is proven and helps businesses to reach customers and explain their products and services. It also assists the companies to persuade them to try or buy their products. However, many people do not click emails from unknown sources because of fear of phishing and stealing credentials. Businesses can use Text Marketing Services to reach customers in different regions with ease. Short marketing messages do the gimmick to improve your reach and convince them to try and purchase your products or services. Unlike email marketing, most mobile users instantly open text messages. Therefore, success in promoting your business through SMS BLAST is very high and provides rich dividends.

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Higher success rate with a text message

Many people worldwide are holding mobile phones. Some people use smartphones; whereas, others use feature mobile phones. Text Marketing works even on feature phones. Smartphones allow sending emails or text messages with ease to promote your products or services. However, companies can frame short text messages targeting smartphones or feature phones with a high success rate of opening the message almost instantly.

A myriad of tools to send text messages

Several tools are available in the market for businesses to run marketing campaigns effortlessly over Promotional SMSSome of the phones also support Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Therefore, businesses can use messages with videos and images to persuade users to view their products and services and buy your products.

Sending text marketing messages to a large number of audiences is tiresome and time-consuming. Therefore, you can make use of SMS marketing tools to send short and compelling messages to several mobile users in your demography.

You need to ensure that text messages look genuine so that the user can open the message immediately on receipt. It is advised to change the text format every time to prevent deletion or blocking of your text messages.

You can also measure user response by including the Yes or No option in SMS to get more information on your services or products or how to buy your products. It also gives you an option to alter your text message formats to get more responses for your SMS marketing efforts.

Instant purchases

You also ask the users to visit your company website for more details about your products. The purchase links can also be tailored for smartphone users. Some of the users, who are convinced about your products, almost instantly buy your products and boost your sales.

Order placing information – SMS Blast

Businesses can send order-placed information and links to track their shipment through text messages to customers instantly. They can also share SMS codes to deliver the items only to the right recipient. The delivery boy asks for the confirmation SMS code from the customer, and he hands over the product only if the code is correct.

With many nations going digital even for selling vegetables and fruits and daily sea produce, SMS marketing is the right tool. The companies can update their customers about daily available discount offers on various products and discount codes.

Airline companies benefit from text marketing

Intense competition exists in the airline industry. The airlines can blend text marketing with other modes of marketing like email marketing. They can send changing flight ticket prices, availability of cheap airfares, last-minute deals, time for web check-in, updates of flight arrival or departure, cancellation, and flight entry gate to customers. Airlines can also send discount offers during non-peak periods to enhance booking rates and boost profits.

The right information and at right time allows the airlines to improve the satisfaction of customers. Satisfied customers can rebook their flight tickets with your airline in the future. Therefore, it improves reliability and helps to retain customers, and enhances success rates. Send text messages is inexpensive compared to other modes of communication. Most people use feature phones. Therefore, airlines can use text message marketing and communication services at affordable rates to a wide number of customers.

SMS marketing is underutilized and relatively new. Since it is inexpensive, airlines can make use of this relatively cheaper mode of instant communication to enhance their profits.

Text marketing benefits to traveling companies and hotels

Every industry’s success depends on satisfying customer service. Therefore, SMS messaging helps the travel companies and hotels to send discount offers, share reservation or cancellation information, and contact information and location information to travelers and guests.

Text messaging is helpful for customers even while on the move to receive important information. It doesn’t need the internet to receive SMS. Therefore, text marketing is also ideal for remote areas to promote business. Text marketing improves the return on investments.

What is SMS Blast?

Sending text messages from a phone to a lot of clients is a difficult task. Therefore, the companies can make use of web-based SMS services to send text messages to a larger audience simultaneously.

Who can use SMS Blast?

Healthcare providers can use text services to send test results, appointments, prescription reminders, and measure feedback from patients.

Real estate companies can send a listing of properties to prospective customers and improve their sales.

Tax firms and accountants can use text messaging services to remind customers about tax filing dates, and updates on tax returns.

Schools and colleges can use text services to update parents about fees reminders, parent-teacher meeting dates, and emergency alerts.

Restaurants and bars can use text messaging to update about new offers and menus to their prospective customers.

Corporations and municipalities can send reminders to customers to remit house taxes and property taxes in time.

Informational videos and images

The mobile phone is the best marketing tool. The companies can make informational videos and images targeting smartphone users and images for feature phone users.

Disadvantages of text marketing

Companies need to use short messages in text marketing. They should avoid sending unwanted texts to customers. You need to follow local regulations when sending text messages to various customers because regulators impose restrictions on telemarketing campaigns. You need to include the right information about your products in very short messages.


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