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Why Should You Choose A Classic Diamond Ring for Wedding?

Why Should You Choose A Classic Diamond Ring for Wedding?

Finding your soul mate is priceless and finding a perfect ring for your partner is highly precious because endurance gets involved. Affection is something that you can feel and can be expressed through a special wedding ring.

A range of wedding ring designs are available in the market, yet many people choose a classic diamond ring only for the wedding. There are various reasons behind that. So let’s discover why one must choose a Classic Diamond Ring for a wedding. 

Availability of colors 

When any person around the world thinks of the diamond colors, the two different and popular colors come in their mind as a transparent one and the other is the white one. However, there are several different other colors as well which are available in the market with different diamond clarities even. 

Most of the colors of diamonds occur naturally under some circumstances but some of them are prepared creatively in laboratories for meeting the higher demand of the classy public. The diamond color mainly refers to the whiteness of diamonds as well and tint which turns them in colored ones. 

While learning about diamond color, diamond clarity, one must be well aware of different diamond colors available in the market apart from transparent and white ones. 

Some of the fancy colors of diamonds available are:

Blue diamond: This is the rarest diamond which does not refer to any stone and is entirely available as blue. It is in great demand and priced at higher charges even.

Pink and champagne: The champagne and the pink one is the color which is loved by many. It looks extraordinarily beautiful when one buys it from the engagement rings Hatton garden.

Green diamond: It is the rarest breed and much costlier even. It signifies mainly nature, growth, hope, and other positive aspects.

Grey diamond: They are the classiest one which refers to denser shades and is pretty strong or sophisticated for every wearer.

Other diamonds are available as purple in color or simulated ones.

Amazing styles

You can go for a classic diamond ring from Jewellers in Hatton Garden as it comes in amazing styles as well. From matching couple bands to simple mountings, the eternity rings, stackable one, and a lot more. You can also have a personalized wedding ring that posses a special saying inside. 

The customized options are endless for classic diamond rings. You can feel free to select anything which carries a special meaning for you. 

Diamond clarity 

While talking about diamond ring clarity, you must understand the meaning of diamond clarity. It refers mainly to visual effects or imperfections of diamonds that are taken all together. It is also one of the determining factors that define the cost of the diamond. Some of the classes of the diamonds on basis of clarity include the following:

Flawless: They are the rarest ones available that have zero blemishes or flaws. They are clearest forms and costliest as well.

Internally Flawless: It does not hold any flaw inside but has few flaws on its upper surface. They are priced at a higher value and look classy or rich.

Very slight: They hold slight inclusions which can be either found inside or outside

Slight: Its imperfections are not at all visible without the magnifying lens

Slightly: The imperfections are large but are not visible with the naked eyes.


Based on your choice, preference, color options, design, styling, and clarity, you can make the right selection of your classic diamond ring from Hatton Gardens Jewellers. Shop for your favorite one today and enjoy the diamond gleam. 


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