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Why Laravel is the best PHP framework to use in 2021


There are many websites, almost more than 135,000 are built on Laravel rather than PHP frameworks. You can imagine how popular it is among the Laravel developers. So why it is being used in such a large number to develop websites and blogs. So let’s find why Laravel is the best PHP framework to use in 2021.

It is a better framework than other web frameworks because it has many advantages, it comes with advanced features and development tools that help in rapid web app development. hire Laravel developer to develop the website simply and reuse the code.

Simplify the web development process with clean and reusable code. It is one of the few frameworks that give you flexibility and rich features and these things make it a perfect platform to create dynamic websites and web applications

Market share of Laravel

It is being used by real estate business websites, the retail industry, and big tech and Information technology service providing companies. Now let’s learn some technical advantages of it, and we will also learn why Laravel is the best PHP framework to use in 2021 for developers.

The demand for Laravel developers is growing day by day in different sectors like real estate and IT companies. Everyone is looking to hire Laravel developer who are professionals in the industry, and they pay a good salary to the developers. So you have a great opportunity in learning Laravel.

1 – Object-Oriented Libraries of Laravel

One of the main reasons to choose Laravel is that it supports object-oriented libraries. Which makes it one of the best PHP frameworks is that it has Object originated libraries and many other pre-installed libraries, that you will not find in any other popular PHP frameworks.

One of the important and useful pre-installed libraries is the Authentication library. It is easy to implement and comes with many advanced features such as you can check active users, password reset option, CSRD protection, Bcrypt hashing, and encryption.

2 – Authorization Technique

You can implement authentication techniques very simply and fast. Almost everything is configured properly. You can manage and organize authorization logic and control access to resources.

3 – MVC Support

Another reason that makes Laravel the best PHP framework is that it supports MVC Architecture like Symphony, which ensures the clarity between the logic and presentation. MVC helps in better documentation, improves performance, and has multiple built-in functionalities.

4 – Security

Security if one of the biggest factors when it comes to development. It is a crucial part of any website development, app development, or any other kind of software. It takes care of the security automatically with its framework, and uses salted and hashed passwords, which means the passwords would never save in plain text form.

Uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm to generate an encrypted representation of a password. Laravel framework uses prepared SQL statements which will fail any SQL injection attack. Laravel also provides a simple way to escape user input to avoid user injection of

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