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Which is better, the Wonderfold W4 or W2 stroller waggon?


One must put a lot of thought while buying a stroller wagon for kids. A stroller wagon makes parenthood comfortable. That’s why stroller wagons are appealing to mothers. Outdoor ventures for parents with kids are not an easy task indeed. It’s not easy to carry more than one kid while having shopping or any other outdoor activity.  That’s why parents go for an easy choice, which is certainly buying a stroller wagon!

Wonderfold stroller wagon is a name of excellence indeed. It is pretty versatile does make for a comfortable ride through different terrains. The diversity of Wonderfold wagons are pretty impressive in terms of their features. It provides a wide variety of stroller wagons. Each kind of Wonderfold has its peculiar features, which makes it better than the others.  Wonderfold w4 and Wonderfold w2 are two kinds of stroller wagons. Both Wonderfold w4 and w2 have distinguishing features which make them a consummate choice than the other. This brief review will give an in-depth look into the versatility and functionality of w4 and w2 stroller wagons.

Features of Wonderfold wagons

One must think about the features due to which one buys w4 rather than w2? What makes w4 stroller wagon a better option for customers and not Wonderfold w2. Have a look.

Standard features of Wonderfold W2 and W4:

Both Wonderfold w2 and W4 share some standard features. Unfortunately, these common features make them look alike. And due to these same features, one might not know which one is worth buying then the other. Let’s have a look at some of their standard features·         

  • Both w2 and W4 models of Wonderfold have fabric handlebar covers that help the parents to stroll the wagon quickly.
  • Both w2 and W4 models have a 5-point harness, which is nonmagnetic.
  • W2 and W4 models have a rear basket. This basket is used for carrying goods with kids.
  • W2 and W4 have adjustable canopy rods. This canopy is used for protection against the sun or harsh weather.
  • Both models have reclining seats which is functional when babies are asleep during the ride.
  • Both of these models have safety locks when folded. This lock is used for security purposes.
  • Both of these models of Wonderfold have a foot brake. This foot brake is also used for safety purposes to ensure a safe ride for children.

Some Distinguish features of Wonderfold w4 from w2:

The Wonderfold wagon W4 is an upgraded version of W2. As a result, the W4 model is made with some additional features which are absent in w2. Thus, these features made it worth buying!

  • The W4 models have extra-large wheels XL. However, the W2 wheels are smaller in size. These XL wheels make it more demanding and functional than w2.
  • The W4 model has a rear basket that offers additional storage pockets on the front of them. While W2 has a rear basket but it has no extra space or pockets. One can use this extra space for carrying goods such as kids’ food, water, and other things.
  • There is also a difference in weight. The W4 weighs in at 53lbs, while the W2 weighs in at about 47lbs.
  • W4 has a weight capacity of 300lbs, while W2 carries a weight of approximately 200lbs, which also makes a huge difference.
  • The W4 model Carries four passengers at a time, and it has four seats. Therefore the W4 model can also be used for older kids. However, the W2 model has only two seats and can only be helpful for younger kids.

Is the W4 model worth buying than W2?

The W4 model of Wonderfold is more durable and versatile than W2. It has an extra space carriage which is far more helpful than w2, which lacks this additional space carriage.W4 model weight carrying capacity is more extensive than w2. Thus it is functional for both toddlers and older kids.  Moreover, W4 can carry four passengers at a time, while w2 can take only two passengers. Thus w2 is a better option for parents with more than two children. Due to the above-mentioned additional features, the w4 model of Wonderfold is the best option for customers.

Final Verdict:

Wonderfold w4 has all the essential features that can satisfy the customers’ needs compared to the w2 model. It’s perfect for kind of fun and outdoor ventures. So whether one goes shopping, to the playground, for a picnic, or hiking, Wonderfold w4 is the best option for kids. One can also carry baby’s stuff easily such as food, water and other kinds of stuff. This Latest model of Wonderfold will make the day more enjoyable and comfortable along with the kids. Hence, one need not be worried anymore about going outside with their kids!

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