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What to Do When You Have Overdue Bills

What to Do When You Have Overdue Bills

Can you feel your finances slowly sliding out of control? It can be easy to miss bill payments and soon see them slowly mounting up. However, with a few steps, you can regain control of your money. 

If you are in debt, we can help. Below, we give our must-know guide on what to do when you have overdue bills. 

Make a List

Like any endeavor, your finances need to be planned. Begin by making a list of all the bills you have to pay that are mounting up. If you do not have a personal budget, then you should think about putting one together. 


Now put them in order of importance, starting with the longest overdue and moving down to recently overdue bills. Mortgage and rent payments should always take priority if you have missed these. After this add your utilities, with any that may be incurring late fees at the top. 

The reason for this is that you need a place to live. In addition, you need running water, gas, and electricity. Anything else comes second to these needs. 

After this, you can put any credit card bills or finance items that you may have to pay. Cars should take priority if you need them to get to your place of work. 

While doing this, cancel any payments that you do not need. These could be things such as subscription services for entertainment. For now, your luxuries will have to take a back seat. 

Find the Money to Pay Overdue Bills

Now you must go back to your personal budget. Make any amendments from the canceled payments, and see where you can cut down on other spending. This may include eating out and visiting the movies, or on nonessential foods like alcohol and chocolate. 

Any excess money will be the payment for your bills. Make sure you spend this money on paying your debts at the start of the month, so you are not tempted to spend it on other items as the weeks progress. If you are still struggling, do your research and think about consolidating your payments. 

Finding Extra Income

Even when you have cut back on essentials and other payments, you may find that you still have a large deficit. If you have time to spare in your schedule, you may consider another job to help with overdue bills. Make sure the job is temporary so that you can go back to your normal routine once the debts are paid off. 


Once you are out of debt you can set up some facilities to stop you from getting into money troubles again. One method is to create auto-payments so that the bills are paid automatically from your bank account. Another is to save a large chunk of money in case you should fall back into debt. 

If you enjoyed our handy blog on overdue bills, then visit the rest of our articles. We can help you manage your money with everything from personal finances to managing a business. Visit us today, and let us help work out your money starting now. 


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