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What is a flat rate MLS service?


Selling a home without the help of an agent can be difficult. The biggest challenge for sellers is visibility. Without an agent’s marketing and advertising expertise, and your network of contacts, how does a seller ensure that people who might be interested in buying it see their home?

Well, that’s where the flat fee MLS service comes in.

Flat rate MLS services offer sellers the ability to list their home on the local Multiple Listing Service, which is the main online directory that real estate agents use to list their properties and share them with other agents who also belong to the local MLS.  There are hundreds of local MLS databases, each of which handles listings for its area.

Only an agent can list in MLS, which is the only thing you are paying for with a flat rate MLS service. In other words, you will not have access to the other services that agents generally offer.

The MLS is also sometimes referred to as an “entry-only” listing, which means that the agent entering the MLS listing is not performing any other duties for the seller. For example, interested parties will know not to contact that agent to arrange a visit. They will go directly to you, the seller. A Flat Fee MLS Listing Service will make your sales effective.

The main benefit of listing your home on the local MLS is that your property is listed on the top real estate websites that pull data from these local MLS listings and show it to their millions of users.

Considering that 44% of buyers begin their home search by searching online, MLS is a great way to gain exposure. However, listing without an agent comes with many challenges.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you’ll have to do without an agent:

    Prepare your home for sale

    Set the price of your property

    Market your home

    Find qualified buyers

    Respond to serious buyers quickly

    Negotiate the deal

    Hire a real estate attorney

    Finalize and submit the correct documentation

Sounds like a lot, huh? It is! Selling is not a joke.

How to get an MLS listing without a real estate agent

Getting your property on the MLS without an agent is pretty straightforward, but there are some simple rules to keep in mind to make sure your listing reaches its largest potential audience.

Use a local MLS

This is an important point; Since there are hundreds of MLS databases, each of which only lists properties in your coverage area, you need to make sure that you are only looking for flat rate MLS companies in your area. If you accidentally hire a flat rate company from out of state, buyers in your area won’t even see your home.

Examine your purchase options

Fixed-rate MLS companies will run your listing for a one-time flat fee, but that fee will vary depending on the services you want. Most companies offer basic packages, where you only get an MLS listing and no additional services, for a certain period of time, usually around 60 days. From there, the packages get more expensive, depending on how long you want your property to appear on the list, or what other additional services you opt for.

These additional services may include marketing and advertising, staging, photography, and assistance with closing and negotiation. If you’re not sure how many of these services you’ll need upfront, that’s fine, just make sure the company you use allows you to add services in the future or make changes to your list.

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