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What are the most popular types of pearls?

types of pearls

Here are the different Types of Pearls in the World. See How Pearls are made and Why Every Pearl is unique and the process behind the pearl creation? Pearls are a gift from mother nature. 

Due to this amazing uniqueness and brilliant beauty, pearls have captured the hearts of many around the globe. Be it the hip age of 60s or the modern era, pearls always remain in fashion. Heavy and sleek designs of gold with pearl jewellery is one of the favorites among women of all ages. 

Different types of pearls

Even though pearls are made by only a handful of sea creatures, there is still a vast variety of pearl types. Below are the most popular types of pearls currently found in the world:

Akoya pearls one of the Most Beautiful Types of Pearls

Akoya pearls have been around here for a long time. In the ages of kings and queen, it was cherished and owned by almost every eastern as well western royalty. The shine, roundness and smooth surface is unbeatable by another pearl around the world. It was found by the Japanese pearl brand, Mikimoto. It has been their prized possession ever since.

Tahitian pearls

Cultured in large-sized muscle Pinctada maxima, these pearls need a longer growing time than the Akoya pearls. They come in various beautiful color shades as well such as rose, green, blue-grey, gold or even pale yellow.

Due to their amazing shine and naturally colored shades, they are always in demand and command a high price in the market. Especially, the white rose-colored pearl is an evergreen favorite of many women.

Keshi pearls

Keshi pearls are in a way sibling of Akoya oysters as they are formed by the same Akoya oysters. Actually, these tiny seed-like keshi pearls are formed when big nucleus of Akoya pearls are formed inside ethe pearl. Keshi pearls are popular for their cute size and vibrant color shades such as purple, bronze, pistachio, etc. They have quite a prominent luster as well.

Mabe pearls

Mabe pearls are a type of freshwater pearl. They are very delicate and are naturally found in hemisphere or semicircle shape rather than round beads. Due to this, they are cut out and glued together to form a round bead-like pearl.

They are really beautiful and lustrous as well. Though, they need a gentle hand to work with as they are more delicate in comparison to other types of pearls.

Blister pearls

Natural blister pearls are formed as a whole pearl within the pearl sac of the mollusc or oyster. When they get matured, they break away from the sac and are found somewhere in the middle of the shell and the mantle. These are smaller than the other types of pearls and need to be cut out from the inner of the creature.

These were pretty much the most popular types of pearls that are currently found in the found. Pearls are an ever-lasting beauty, so if you’re thinking of getting a one, surely go ahead!

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