An estimator whether he is doing residential or commercial estimating he should have in mind that the fate of the project and the profit for the contractor rely on his cost estimating services. Material Takeoff is a very important and difficult task in any construction project. The quality of material takeoff is the difference between a profitable project that completes on time and on budget and the project that face delays and got over budget. As we are well aware of the importance of takeoffs so let us discuss some points that can make your takeoffs successful.

Guidelines for accurate Takeoffs:

  • Work with Latest Drawing.
  • Measure More Than Once
  • Checklist
  • Try to Use Software
  • It can Make or Break the Bottom Line

Work with Latest Drawings:

The takeoffs you perform on old drawings or old plans can have a disastrous effect on your estimate. This negligence can make your project drown. Try to keep an account for every revision because the specifications of the project can get changed after every revision. Try to build your estimate on the most recent and final plans that will enhance the chances of the project being on time and profitability will enhance ultimately.

Measure More Than Once:

To ensure better results from your estimate you should go deep into the details to perform material takeoffs. When you have accurate measurements, it will increase your confidence in your consistent cost scale.

While performing takeoff try to be precise as much as you can because neglecting the smallest amount can become a costly mistake. During the takeoffs always try to work with the latest prices of the market.


The takeoff process Is quite a long process, which can increase the chances of overlooked mistakes or you can miss something while doing this. You can eradicate these mistakes by following the specific road map. Your checklist can work with the road map to perform the successful takeoff. Try to include every detail of work that you have to do in your checklist and after completing the task mark it done. The outline of the checklist is not specified; you can make it according to yourself and it will reduce the chances of errors.

Try to Use Softwares:

 Using software while providing cost estimating services will eradicate the chances of human errors. When you have a long list of tasks to perform it is difficult to identify the miscalculation in quantity, size, type, etc. Use of software while residential or commercial estimating will reduce human errors to the minimum. Another advantage of the software is that it will alarm you about the work that is not done yet. When the owner provides you digital plans and you are using software it is much easier to perform the estimate. The software will fetch the data from the drawings and will provide you the estimate. That does not mean that everybody can do it with ease; you have to be a professional to cross-check the details or to perform adjustments in the generated estimate.

It Can Make or Break the Bottom Line:
From the above-mentioned points, we can conclude that material takeoff is not the easy part of the project, but it is the most important one. The contractors that go into the project with inaccurate takeoffs will get their project delayed and over budget. Try to take as much time that is necessary and build the best takeoffs which will lead to the best estimate. The contractor with a proper estimate of every inch of the project has maximum chances to complete the project in time along with the handsome profit.


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