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What are the different types of natural gas flow meters?

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The natural gas is basically a mixture of combustible gas with the hydrocarbons as the primary component which is extracted from the nature. The natural gas is primarily composed of various gases that includes a mixture of low-molecular gaseous hydrocarbons and the non-hydrocarbon gases. There are various reasons why the flow of natural gas has to be measured in different industries and applications. The natural gas flow meter for industries is used in a wide range of applications that includes monitoring the incoming gas to the gas burner, ovens, boiler, furnaces etc.

Before you choose the exact type of the natural gas flow meter it is important to fully understand your requirements and metrics. Once you have all the relevant and necessary information regarding your requirements then you can make an informed decision in choosing the right type of the gas flow sensor.

The different types of natural gas flow meters

There are four fundamental types of natural gas meters that are available in the market and this includes velocity meters, volumetric flow, inferential meters, and the mass flow meters for the measurement of natural gas. Each of the natural gas flow meter has its own specifications and characteristics. Let us have a brief look.

The Coriolis mass flow meters and thermal mass flow meters are able to measure both the new gas technology and the mass flow. The thermal mass meters are utilized for measuring the industrial process gas while Coriolis is used fiscally for measuring natural gas. These natural gas flow meters provide high accuracy and they have factory calibration certificate which can be utilized for the custody transfer or the precision audit.

The rotary meters and diaphragm are positive displacement meters and they are majorly prevalent in the conventional gas technology for custody transfer of the gas and measurement of the utility bills.

The gas turbine flow meters provide the standard technology and the velocity-type tool is responsible for calculating the natural gas for the applications that are used in the custody transfer. The ultrasonic flow meters, on the other hand, are a new technology. These flow meters are primarily used for the custody transfer application.

The vortex flow meter for the natural gas is yet another instance of the velocity meter which is primarily used in the industrial measurement of gas. Besides this we also have the differential pressure meters and Rotameters.

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If you want to purchase one of the flow meters from the company then you can browse through their product catalog to check out the various relevant details regarding that specific product.


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