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Types of necklaces to add to your Jewellery Chest


Necklaces are something every girl should have as a part of her collection. Necklaces can essentially set the tone of your look. A switch of necklaces can dramatically change the impact of your outfit. Various types of necklaces can be categorized under budget, style, and occasion. Every time a newer trend comes in, the role of necklaces evolves and paves the path for more designs. Just like Melorra gold earrings that can bring a dose of freshness to your look. Accessorizing is like pairing wine with food. If it is done thoughtfully, it accentuates the clothes, the Jewellery making the overall outfit look fabulous. A single diamond ring with chandelier earrings can make a stronger statement than heavy Jewellery.

Let us take a look at the types of necklaces that you should keep in your closet.

  1. Pendant necklace – These most common and versatile necklaces of all. These are easily matched with other outfits and the pendant can be changed according to the occasion. They also end up enhancing your style statement.
  2. Choker – As the name suggests, this kind of necklace is snug around your neck with a clasp. This can be made up of metal, velvet, and even leather. It may have a single pendant in the middle or tiny small ones. This kind of necklace goes with almost anything and is great for U-neck and off-shoulder necklines.
  3. Collar necklaces – Collar necklaces are a looser version of a choker and sit comfortably around the collar bones. These are great to show off boat necks or tube dresses too. A diamond collar necklace can look sophisticated and can be ideal for a formal event.
  4. Locket – Locket necklaces generally have a locket with a photo or a piece of memory in a locket dangling at the end of the chain. These types of necklaces have a sentimental value and can be preserved to be handed over to the next generations as family heirlooms. Although they lend a certain aura of mystery to the wearer, these should be sported on casual outfits.
  5. Lariat necklace – This is a very chic kind of necklace that has a Y-shape and features no clasp. The ends are looped, knotted, or crossed which adds a touch of femininity with a modern charm.
  6. Princess necklace – This type of necklace exudes luxury and is fit for royals. These necklaces are made up of carefully cut glittering stones in various shapes. These necklaces are available in a variety of sizes and are generally shaped like an inverted dome. The delicate design resting on the neck drops down to a single spectacular piece from both sides. These are generally worn with a strapless dress or a plunging neckline. It is extremely heavy on its own and should not be paired with heavy earrings.
  7. Chain – The choice of the minimalist, a chain is an effective way to add sparkle to your clothes. Generally paired with casual outfits, this can add jazz up to your neck during a casual night out.
  8. Negligee – A Negligee necklace is a long and asymmetrical necklace that can extend up to your stomach. The drop or the tassels are uneven and can be paired with shimmering outfits and sweetheart necklines.

Pick out a necklace and show off your inner fashionista!


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