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Tricks to Use Highlighter and Eye Shadows

Eye Shadows

Highlighter is a major player in the beauty world. This is mostly known as the strobed effect which lasts all day or if one wants to refine the appearance of their dull complexion. But again, in this makeup world it is still considered as an underrated tool because it does lot more than accentuating the cheekbones.

If one wants to go for a makeup revolution highlighter and wants to use them then there are a few things that one needs to keep in mind:

  • One has to apply a cream highlighter before foundation. It is a good idea to gently rub the cream highlighter on the highest planes of the face like forehead, temple and down the tip of the nose and under the brow bone. This will make the foundation glide better over the skin and will also make one look more natural.
  • One can also use it on their body. It is a good idea to use it on thigh bones and shin bones if one is wearing a leg-exposing outfit. This can help one create a dramatic night-time glow. One can also apply a cream highlighting stick on the collarbones and the center of the shoulder to get a more enhanced look.
  • Another expert tip often shared by makeup artists is that to apply a highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes. This can help the eyes look brighter and awake. If one is attending a party after a whole day of office and stress, then this can give them a fresh look.
  • Apart from applying highlighter, there are some other tricks too. One can create their own liquid eyeliner and add a shimmery finish to their lip gloss with help of this. One just has to dampen the lip liner brush or the eyeliner brush with a mist of water and then gently wipe it over the highlighter powder.
  • If one wants to give the illusion to fuller lips, then placing the highlighter above the upper lips can create fullness.
  • One can also use it as an eye shadow primer. In fact, most people end up using a highlighter as eye shadows. The shimmer looks great on the high points of the face, but it also gives one a great evening look.

When it comes to makeup revolution eyeshadow, there are several variations from which one can choose. In fact, apart from using it as proper eye shadows, there are several other tips that one can follow.

  • When one is using an eye liner, it is a good idea to sweep a bit of an eye shadow along the lash line so that it can define the eyes really well.
  • If one wants to get some fuller lips, then after applying the lip colour one can easily dab little of white shimmery shadow to the centre of the lips. This brings attention to the fullest part of the mouth.

These are the basic tricks one has to be aware of.


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