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Beachfront Properties In Dubai – Dream Living Style

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Want Beachfront Properties in Dubai? We have a list of Best Beachfront properties in Dubai to enjoy the true beachfront living for short & long-term stay.

You dream of having a house in the middle of the water, with glass walls so that you can look out and enjoy the panoramic view. But you can get a taste of such a house at hotels only.

The best alternative for such dream houses is beachfront houses. Such properties are highly desirable hence they are less in supply but highly priced because of the beautiful location. Many consider it to be a very good investment. The serene sound of flowing water and water waves soothes you at some point and bring peace and tranquility to you. You get hypnotized by the sound.

Beachfront houses give you your true privacy. Since these houses are few and not many people are able to get them, so you get a chance to enjoy your weekdays and weekends or your vacations in peace and private. You need to own a little more land outside your house to save yourself from unwanted visitors.

Not only you, but your children will also love to play right in front of the water and soft sand.

Another big advantage and a huge source of attraction for the owners is the water sports offered by different sports clubs.

Although beachfront houses are luxurious to live in, they are heavy maintenance. You have to be careful with your interior and especially exteriors because of excessive humidity, dampness in the air and salt. This dampness can become a source of many insects and animals and can become their personal habitat.

Dubai is popular for beachfront properties and many natives, as well as tourists, hire and own such houses for Leisure.

Best Places for Properties in Dubai

Dubai Marina, Jumeirah beach residence, and Palm Jumeirah are the names which come promptly to your mind when you think of beach houses in Dubai.

These big names entertain their clients with independent villas, penthouses, 2-4 bedrooms apartments and studio apartments. You not only get to enjoy the panoramic view, but your apartment terrace lets you enjoy your quiet private time in the personal pool. You can entertain yourself with water sports or a ride on luxury yachts.

Likewise, you can also spend your days and nights out on the beach and enjoy the entertainment arranged by the beach clubs. Your children can also enjoy water slides on the private beaches.

Beachfront villas are another genre when it comes to beachfront property. These secluded and private villas are a beauty to own. They are beautifully constructed villas having contemporary architecture.

These villas will not only play a part in making your vacations in absolute fun, but they can become a source of getting away from busy city life. These villas also offer you cozy private pool to enjoy your esoteric time with your partner.

If you are looking for a luxury weekend with your partner and on the beachfront villas then luxury yacht, fishing and seaplane tour should be on your to-do list.

Different activities are organized by beach club for you and your family. Your kids definitely don’t want to spend their vacation in the private pool of your beachfront property.

Not only they but you can also have your fun moments at Wild Wadi Park and in activities such as sliding down long water slides, parasailing, Jet Ski, fly boarding and scuba diving if you are in love with underwater life.

So, next time you visit Dubai does, plan to rent out a beachfront villa and enjoy the luxury of living by the water.

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