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Top 5 Car Care Tips


When it comes to car care, the most important thing for maximizing the life of your vehicle is maintained. Regular car maintenance isn’t just about making sure your car starts and runs every day. It’s also about keeping your vehicle looking its best, running at its fullest capacity, and holding a good resale value. And while following certain maintenance tips shouldn’t be that difficult to follow, repairing your car due to carelessness can be a real headache.

 Now, on to our top 5 car care tips!

1. Check Oil Levels Regularly

As most car owners know, to work properly, your vehicle requires regular oil changes. The requirements of specific models vary, but an annual mechanic’s check-up which typically includes an oil change will most surely take care of your needs. If you want to be more thorough with your car maintenance, you can also ensure that the oil gets replaced after every 10,000km. In between the annual visits to your mechanic you can also check the oil yourself as the process is not at all difficult. You just need to locate the oil dipsticks, pull it out, and evaluate the oil level.

2. Car Washing And Detailing

Washing your car every two weeks is the best way to ensure that dust, debris, or acid rain don’t settle on the paint coat. While you might not notice these at first, as dirt builds up, it traps moisture and over time causes damage to your paint job. For this reason, it’s important to take the time to have your car washed and detailed on a regular basis. When it comes to detailing, using the right kind of supplies and tools makes all the difference in helping your car look like it just got out of the showroom. A superior product like Nexgen ceramic spray will provide a protective barrier against all the harmful elements and keeps your vehicle shining like new. And while professional car washing and detailing are great, in time, they can end up costing you quite a lot. What you can do to minimize the costs is to check some trusted reviews for car care and pick up some of the recommended products to use at home.

3. Keep your car covered

Extreme weather, harmful radiation, and nature can take a toll on your vehicle. That’s why keeping your car away from direct sunlight, ice, rain, tree sap or bird droppings can help your car’s paint remain in good condition. So unless you own a garage that you can store your vehicle into, buying a car cover can help you keep your car looking its best for years to come. If you feel lost among the myriad of car covers available on the market, here’s an outside car cover review that can help you guide your shopping decisions.


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