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3 Tips For When You Work At A Desk All Day


Human beings need to move around to be healthy. That means that if our jobs have us sitting at a desk all day, this is unnatural and unhealthy, and we need to counter this. If we don’t, our jobs can make us very unwell, and some of the conditions that sitting all day can cause include obesity, type II diabetes, circulation problems, and heart disease.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you include some movement in your day, no matter what your job might be. Read on to find out what you can do to look after your health when you sit at a desk.

Use A Standing Desk

For those who find that they have to sit for hours at a time and don’t get much chance to move around, a standing desk could be the solution. Using a standing desk means that you can get up from your seated position and allow your circulation to improve.

Many people claim that standing helps their concentration too, and it can aid in the reduction of joint paint, particularly in the back and shoulders.

Don’t worry if the thought of standing up for eight or so hours doesn’t sound so great; it’s possible to get standing desk converters that allow your current sitting desk to become a standing one, and then, when you remove the converter, you can sit down again. In this way, you have the choice as to how long you stand and sit for.

Hand Exercises

Your hands are probably the last things you think about when you’re working at your desk, but they go through a lot. Whether you’re typing reports, filling in spreadsheets, designing websites, or anything else, your hands are the parts of your body doing the most work, and they might be moving for an hour or more at a time before you take a break.

This is why it’s crucial to do hand exercises when you do take that break. Learning some stretches and special movements will ensure you don’t suffer from cramps or any pain, and you can therefore work much more productively.

Air Quality

The air quality of wherever you work is more important than you might think. It can affect your skin, your hair, you’re breathing, and your overall wellbeing if it’s not good enough.

It might even make your office smell bad, especially if there are many people in there, and they prepare food in the break room or, worse, at their desks. Although you can take measures to fix these issues, such as using a TRUHAIR discount code to find quality hair products, if you don’t fix the underlying cause, you’ll remain unhealthy.

One thing you can do is make sure you go outside as much as possible. Take your breaks outside, for example, and go for a longer walk at lunchtime. Other ideas include opening a nearby window or using fans by your desk to keep the air moving. Do whatever you can to ensure your office is well ventilated, and you’ll feel a lot better when you do.

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