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Things to consider while buying a commercial generator


It is very important for the industries to regularly carry on their work but it is quite challenging to keep the work in continuity during electric cuts. To solve this problem and to eliminate the hindrance in work, the commercial generators are there. These generators are of various types and capacities. You can get the best generators in Noida which you can purchase according to the size of your industry or the number of machines. But the important is to choose the seller wisely after considering the following factors: –

  • 24*7 service support: Always purchase the generator from the seller who has experienced engineers to provide you with 24*7 service support. In case your generator breaks down and your seller should be able to solve your problem in minimum time to prevent your loss due to its breakdown.
  • Fast response times: Buy the generator after checking its response times which means during the power cut, your generator should be able to supply the power in the minimum possible time to meet up the demands of the industry.
  • High-quality parts: As you are to make a high investment on generators, make you’re your generator supplier is renowned and sell original and high-quality generators and its parts.
  • Great value for money: It is very important to cross verify the prices from the various suppliers and to enquire regarding the manufacturing of the parts.
  • Installation and maintenance: Take care of the installation and after-sales service and choose the seller who provides such facilities.

These are some of the factors which you need to check while choosing the seller. Some other factors must be considered while purchasing the generators.

Factors to consider while getting generator installed: –

  • Power output rating: The important factor to consider while buying a generator is to check the power requirements and the load it can handle i.e. whether it can handle the load of all the machinery or not.
  • Fuel type: Enquire regarding the type of fuel required to run the generator and its amount required per day. Normally, the generators which run on diesel will be less costly for you due to diesel price and its safety.
  • Autonomy: It will be better to purchase the generator Automatic Transfer Switch which can automatically switch on or off the generator while power cut and when the power comes back respectively.
  • Safety and noise: The diesel generators are comparatively safer to handle than the other generators. But they make a lot of noise which can be harmful to your ears. Hence, it should be installed at a separate place to prevent the same.

Hence, these are the factors that are to be considered while buying and installing generators. And hence the seller after enquiring about their generator maintenance service after-sales. Moreover, if your generator gets old and starts troubling you it is advised to get your generator repaired from the trusted generators repair rather than buying a new one. As it will be saving your cost and time. The installation of a new generator will be a timely and costly process. Apart from this, it’s important to get your generator’s services from time to time to minimize the damage.


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