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The role of architects in constructing residential home

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The civil engineers construct a home using graded materials and utilize the materials effectively in the process of construction. The architect focuses upon the exterior aspect of the home. The interior designers design the interior of the home. The architects and the interior designers are engaged in the process of designing and beautification of home. The residential home architects in gurgoan provide architectural services to the customers in the process of construction. The architects play a major role in the process of construction and designing the exterior of the homes. 

Role of architects in the process of construction and designing

The architects provide designing options to the customers. They design homes according to their specifications. They can construct a home in different styles such as modern, contemporary, transitional, traditional etc. they construct homes and commercial entities in various styles. Today, many people want to construct hotels or their shops in traditional style to attract customers. Some people construct hotel in a style of temple so that people are attracted to visit the place. The residential home architects in gurgoan provide services to the customers to construct home or any commercial entities in the best way. 

The architects follow the following style to construct any building or any commercial entities:

Prelim planning 

The architects should plan before constructing or designing a home. They should establish their goals and understand the specifications of the customers. 


They provide schematic drawings and layouts for the buildings. They also estimate the cost of the project.

Tendering, negotiating and bidding 

They help in evaluating the bids and also they advise the vendors to implement certain ideas. 

Documents for construction 

They should prepare certain drawings and documents to obtain building permits and fulfill legal obligations. They also offer bids to the customers. 

Schematic drawings and designs

The residential architect in gurgoan is engaged in providing schematic drawings to give an idea to the customers about the building, they would construct. 

They provide the sketches of requirements of the customers and also explore the possible options. They also provide advice to the customers about the merits and demerits of the drawings. 

Documentation and govt approval

The architects should secure the government certificate, electricity and even water connections. They should also secure the sewage connections. 

The architects play an important role in deciding certain aspects of the building. They decide about providing enough space to the building and also provide the energy-efficient building. Also, the buildings should consume less fuel. A building that is well-spaced transforms the moods of an individual. They provide services to the residences and commercial building. The main role of the architect is to analyze the concepts, develop designs and explore several options available. The residential architect in gurgaon provides comprehensive information about the building such as flooring details, electrical work, furniture layouts, and the ceiling designs. They create understanding between the designers and the clients. 

So, the architects are not only engaged in designing and constructing homes, but also fulfills the legal formalities required for constructing a home. 


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