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The Rise of Smart Home Luxury Apartments


A New Way of Living Better

A new wave of luxury living is cresting over the multifamily housing market with smart apartments and condos being more sought after by current home seekers. These new luxury living spaces are sprouting up in urban and vacation areas around the country. 

Consumers in the market have become comfortable with the use of high-tech gadgets that ease their everyday living. Connected homes and interconnected cities are becoming more commonplace and will surely continue to evolve in the future planning of residences and municipalities across the country. 

The inception of smart technology revolution really took flight with voice assistant products such as Amazon Echo. These initial devices allowed consumers to play music, check the weather, search the internet, and keep a schedule from the comfort of their easy chair. These simple tasks were only the beginning of the high-tech transformation of everyday living. 

Making life easier with new technology

The future in high-tech home technology is arriving now with each advancing day. There was a time when robot maids, multi-faceted televisions, internet-controlled appliances, and flying cars were only within the realm of futuristic movies and cartoons. These products are now coming to fruition with robotic floor vacuums everywhere, and smart thermostats that can be controlled by voice or through one of the aforementioned voice assistant products. These use advanced generation home hubs, which also possess the ability to control and monitor other household appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and even home security systems. 

A more secure home

Homes can now be equipped with doorbells that allow the resident to view and speak to visitors at the door to their home-even when the owner is thousands of miles away from home on vacation. Besides these security functions, there are options for fire and carbon monoxide alarms and monitors to be integrated within these systems. These functions are made possible courtesy of the home’s wireless internet modems. 

To facilitate the current technology usage and future advances in these areas, more and more living spaces and smart apartment homes are being constructed with these technologies built right into the unit during the initial construction of the buildings, which allows for easy and full integration of all of the current and future developments in smart technology. 

A smart home luxury apartment

One such example is just outside of Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas. Here, you can find one of the premier examples of smart home luxury apartments. Located in a mixed-use luxury property development, The Apex CityPlace represents the future of modern apartment living. 

The luxury apartments in Overland Park allow the resident to easily control basic functions such as door locks, thermostats, and lighting from a smartphone app. These luxury apartments offer a full array of amenities including an infinity pool with a swim-up bar, private cabanas, a dog park, concierge services, and an outdoor gaming area. 

The units in the complex are one or two bedrooms with features that raise them to a true level of luxury. They have a separate laundry area equipped with full-size washers and dryers in each unit, full-sized refrigerators with French doors, a drinking water dispenser and ice dispenser, dishwasher, microwave, garbage disposal, private balconies, and extra-large walk-in closets. 

All the appliances in every apartment are the latest in energy-efficient stainless steel. Each of the smart-capable apartments is also equipped with a smart electronic thermostat and USB electrical outlets throughout the unit. Twenty-four-hour on-call maintenance ensures that residents can live in an environment that is truly worry-free. 

Luxury living evolved

With the changing way in which society is developing, people are choosing in greater numbers to move to a more time-efficient and worry-free way of life. To facilitate this lifestyle change, luxury apartment homes represent what the public is looking forward to. There are no worries about yard or building maintenance, no worries about appliances breaking down and needing to be repaired, and the control of their apartment functions from anywhere within their unit or virtually from anywhere in the world. 

Smart home luxury apartments are the way to live and can free up your time to pursue other interests. When you add in all the convenient amenities available at many luxury apartment communities to pass leisure time, such as the outdoor activities and pool area with a deck and private cabanas, private screening room, health club, and the private dining club, you’ll find living in these communities a true life of luxury with tomorrow’s advances available now. 


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