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Here are Some Best Tips to Build a Strong Employer Brand

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Best tips to build a strong employer brand

Building a reputable brand is crucial when it comes to having candidates apply for jobs at your business. When your business does not offer jobseekers a sense of security, they may not consider your open positions. Professionals who intend to get a job with the UAE often prefer to choose vacancies with employers they feel they can trust.

Employer brand is known as the process employers carry out towards the strengthening and positive influencing of their firm’s image and reputation. Business owners must determine a strategy to generate credibility within the job market.

In this way, they can reach more candidates to fill out important positions. Also, this action helps them have a larger talent pool to access when it is time to recruit.

The greatest challenge when building an employer brand is the fact that reputation is not something that companies can control. In contrast, their goal is to manage it adequately and effectively. This action requires time and constant effort from brands to be perceived as reliable.

Businesses with a good employment history need to be separated from those with a bad one. The necessity in the job-seeking community for positive employer references continues to increase as we become more connected.

Given the easy access to the internet we have today, it is easier for anyone to research the company they are applying for a job in. At the same time, it is easier to discard an employer with a lack of good references.

Let us evaluate some recommendations for building a robust employer brand.

Carry out an employer brand audit

There is not a better way to influence what your employees think about your company than asking them personally. Conduct an audit to have a clear understanding of their opinions, points of view, and your company’s weak points.

Once you have this information, start making improvements that address their necessities. Not only does this action provide employers with vital information regarding their business; it can also increase employee satisfaction and prevent them from changing to a new job.

Create your Employee Value Proposition

Once the previous step is complete, it will be time for an EVP with the data you previously collected. An Employee Value Proposition answers questions such as:

  • What employers expect from individuals
  • What individuals expect from the company they work in

Knowing these points can help employers and workers fulfill both parties’ needs. Having this information provides both parties with a clear understanding of their roles and expectations. Avoiding misunderstandings is a simple but crucial practice when managing the image of a company.

What are some tips towards building a reputable employer brand?

After having described the definition and main challenges of employer branding, we will analyze a few tips to get started in this important business practice. The following aspects are the most considered factors candidates take into account when looking for jobs in UAE.

Define your brand correctly in job descriptions

This may seem like a minor factor. However, employers must take the time to carefully describe their brand in their job announcements. As this is the primary point of contact between you and individuals who intend to get a job with the UAE, this is a useful recommendation to retain as many possible candidates.

Set up a career page

Today, many business websites are setting up career pages. These contain testimonials, pictures, and videos of real employees speaking about their good experiences within the company.

This is great to show potential candidates how their company has positively influenced their employees’ professional lives. People looking for job vacancies in the UAE are often more attracted to companies with these sections on their websites.

Trust your online reviews

If you ensure your workforce’s well-being and encourage good employee-employer communication, your company is less than likely to face negative reviews. When individuals are searching for a job, they usually quit looking at a company after seeing a bad review.

However, keep in mind that you can still answer when dealing with a negative opinion online. A recent study showed that 62% of the interviewed workers agreed that their opinion on a bad review changed after seeing the company’s response.

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