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Some tips on surprises on special days that can stun your wife!

surprises on special days

How often do you get surprised by your wife? A lot of times, right? On birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, or Karva Chauth, you most of the time get pampered and surprised by your husband, isn’t it? Women love to get surprised and pampered and that’s why it is important to understand their desires and wishes through their silence. If you want your marriage life to go smooth and filled with loving and romantic memories, then frequent surprises for your wife must be a part of your life. We know that everyone wishes to get a little appreciation and attention. Also, celebrations and surprises bring a lot more charm to our lives and build a stronger relationship with our loved ones. Especially in a marriage, it is the special things one does for their spouse, out of love and affection, that makes the eternal journey of marriage more beautiful. So, on your gorgeous one’s birthday or on your own anniversary, if you are planning to give her a surprise, then make sure it is the best!

Give her a week full of surprises

When it is about surprises, the more is always the better. Make your wifey fall in love every evening she returns home from work, or when she is tired and exhausted with household work for an entire week. If it is her birthday or Valentine’s Day, then you can start surprising her from the first day of the special week. Surprising your life partner with online flowers and gifts from MyFlowerApp can be a wonderful way to make her feel special each day in the week. You can also opt for the midnight online flower, cake or gift delivery to surprise her.

Prepare meal for a few days

Although women seem busy and involved in their work all the time, they secretly want to have a break for them as well. Who doesn’t want to take a break from a monotonous life after all! So, make it easier for her by giving her some “Me-time”, by taking her kitchen duties for a few days around a special day. It can be a great way of making her feel loved and special.

A hand-made name sign

Get your wife’s and your name carved on a designer name sign which can also be put on your front door. Write down something funny and unique for both of you- Mr. and Mrs. This is one of the most trending anniversary gifts these days as well. Having her name on the sign of your palace will make her feel like a queen.

Personalized gifts

Get your best pictures printed on a sequin cushion and let her cuddle it when she wants to hug you and you are on an office trip. You can also personalize a set of coffee mugs with some quotes on them. As coffee and tea times are the most important times to stay together and talk unlimitedly with each other, so gifting her with a personalized coffee mug set can be also an amazing idea. There are many other ways to get a picture printed and make a gift personalized.

A trip to remember

If she is the one to book your trip’s ticket and hotels and arrange everything perfectly for the outings,then take the lead this time. Plan a tripto a place where she always wanted to go. You can take her on the trip with your friends or family as well. Enjoy the special day with her at that place and make it a destination celebration. You can arrange a spa, a special dinner date or any other surprises at that place as well.

A romantic dinner date and dance on the rooftop

Recreate your first date, or ask your wife out for a romantic dinner date like he had done it on your first date. You can go to a lavish restaurant or can even make it at home, on your balcony. Anywhere it is, make sure that you enjoy the moments along with the food and drinks. Celebrate the day with a bottle of champagne or her favorite wine. After the dinner is over, offer her to join you in a romantic dance. Play her favorite dance song and dance together till you want. This can be a wonderful way of surprising, even without spending an extra penny.


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