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How to Pick the Right Solar Installer?

Solar Installer

Are you planning to install a solar power system at your home or office but not sure how to find the right solar installer? Although you may search for solar installers near me on the internet, you may fail to determine which is the ideal installer to meet our solar requirements. That said, this guide is designed to help you learn how to select the best solar installer for your home solar panel installation.

While installing solar panels is a great way to generate electricity in residential and commercial properties without paying a large amount of money to power companies, there are several things that you should consider while choosing a solar installer. Here are the essential factors that you need to look for in a solar installation company.

Local Solar Installer

As a homeowner, you can come across various local and national solar installation companies. While some homeowners consider national solar installers as a better choice, a local solar installation company provides a more personalized solar experience based on your energy needs, type, the layout of your rooftop, and investment goals.

The best thing about choosing local solar installers is that you can rest assured the company will be there if you ever need help and support. Moreover, they are completely aware of the local building structures and electrical codes, thus they can work with you on all aspects of your installation.

Great Customer Service

Are you overwhelmed with many options when you are looking for solar installers near me? The best way to find the efficiency and service quality of solar installers is to look for reviews and feedback provided by customers on their previous work. So, always choose a company that has a larger number of positive reviews. Remember, you should always find a company whose customer support team is extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and caring.

If required, do not hesitate to ask the solar installer to provide any of their client’s contact details so that you can have a word about their service. After all, you will be investing your money in their service.


You will usually find a wide range of solar panel systems in the market these days. Most of them come with 25 to 30-year warranties, depending on their types, capacity, and functions. It is very essential to check the warranty and maintenance policies provided by the solar installers. It’s mainly because these warranties specify the security and predictability of your solar investment.

Many solar installers do not offer any after-sales maintenance support, thus it is very crucial to verify the services that the solar installer promises to provide while you make the transaction. To avoid any kind of discrepancies after purchasing the panel system, find a solar installer who provides proper solar maintenance.


If you want to hire the right solar installer, always make sure to choose an installer that is MCS accredited and an active member of the Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) or the solar Trade Association (STA). You should spend some time and do intense research on the quality and reliability of the solar installer that you plan to hire.

It is essential to verify that the solar company you choose is certified or awarded by leading solar industry organizations such as Solar Energy International (SEI). Also, check the years of experience and expertise of the installer who will be working on the project.


Although there are several key points to consider while looking forsolar installers near me, this guide has outlined some of the top factors. So, now that you have read the entire guide on how to choose the right solar installer, what’ next? You should move at your own pace, spending time researching the best solar installer in your local area. This will help you to make the right decision on choosing the ideal solar installer for installing your solar panel system.

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