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Producing Physician Profile Videos for Health Care Marketing


Medical profile videos produced with high-quality production value and compelling storytelling are highly effective inbound marketing tools for healthcare organizations. These videos can play a key role in driving new traffic. To a healthcare organization’s website, engaging with prospects. And then turning them into long-term loyal patients. Here are some tips for producing effective medical profile videos. And working with a video production company to deliver impressive results.

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Create audience engagement with doctor profile videos

Physician Profile Videos are short, engaging ninety second to two minute video stories about a particular physician and healthcare practice. Each video features a single physician speaking in the style of an on-camera. Interview about his philosophy of care, approach, background, and knowledge of the practice of medicine.

Get online with new patients

The audience for the doctor profile videos are prospective patients looking for a new primary care physician or specialist. These prospective patients are digital users who search for medical information online via desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. They make decisions about which doctors to follow based on online content. Interactions, and engagement with healthcare providers’ online and social media presence.

Improve VSEO and Inbound Marketing

Profile videos lead visitors to a healthcare provider’s site by increasing SEO and then acting as a compelling engagement tool to convert site visitors into new patients.

Adding attractive, short, and properly tagged videos to an organization’s website, as well as social media channels, is increasingly a key way to improve VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) and strengthen customer conversion ( i.e. patients) online.

VSEO is now a leading digital inbound digital marketing strategies for doctors tactic and does not replace other website content marketing efforts. Rather, a VSEO effort, such as medical profile videos, is an additional key marketing tactic for healthcare organizations to increase online engagement and ROI from inbound marketing.

Additionally, it is recommended that every new custom video added to a web page (as well as social media channels like YouTube) have a text transcript to accompany the video, so that search engines can see the text and keywords. to index and optimize the search.

Create an emotional storytelling with the right creative strategy to reach new patients

Doctor video profiles provide the opportunity to establish a personal connection between the prospective patient and the doctor, before they meet.

To ensure this personal connection occurs, videos need expert storytelling and video production art. An experienced production team should lead the creative strategy to develop the most effective creative look for the videos, conducting a research and discovery phase with the healthcare organization to identify the best way to reach the audience.

What is the editing style and music? Will the interview feature the doctor looking directly into the camera lens or off camera?

Set up efficient project management and scheduling

Each healthcare organization has specific needs when it comes to scheduling and managing video recordings. Doctors, staff and patients are often on very limited time, so it is important that the agency. And the video production company have strong project management capabilities that are both efficient and flexible.

Having the production company assign a senior producer to be a single point. Of contact with the client and the organization is key. To a smooth project for the client, doctors and other participants. The senior producer manages the schedules, the logistics and provides communication to all the actors involved.

• Related to but slightly different websites, social networking sites like Myspace or Facebook could be used to great advantage. Having a Facebook page about your practice would help you market your services to large numbers of people.

• The scope of this networking opportunity is all the more remarkable when you consider the fact that people across the country (or even the world) have an account on one of the most popular dating sites. As such, having a website would open up your service to a broader and more varied customer base.

Expand your services

• Another way to promote yourself to both current (to help word of mouth) and new patients would be to expand your services. This could mean acquiring newer medical equipment that can help with your treatments, making house calls, adding staff, or even a simple extension of your office hours.

• By expanding, the reputation of your practice would improve digital marketing strategies for doctors ; having better service or a more accommodating office to go to are signs of improvement. This type of expansion would help you attract more customers. An added benefit would be that it would improve your relationship with previous clients, which can help spread your practice.

• Of course, the doctor knows that, ultimately, advertising would be useless if he did not have the skills to support them. So aside from sheer publicity, a wise physician knows when he must hone her skills and abilities.


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