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Know About Oakley Woods Extreme 6-Player Croquet Set

Croquet Set

Naturally, croquet game heats up teenage and even mature adult people. It is excellent entertainment and recreational game for you. After assessing the features of all top 5 products, I have decided to give 5 stars to Oakley Woods Extreme 6-Player Croquet Set. What I like is its taper lock for faster mallet head changing for quick adjustment. The square-shaped head saves you from unsuccessful shots which can injure you. 9 hoops have a heavy powder coating for long life expectancy. The polymer balls maintain awesome accuracy. Frankly speaking, while others prefer staying in travel inn during holidays in Chamicos, you can go outside with your wooden ball and hit it with the mallet to score. 

Nylon Cordura carries case preserves the whole Oakley Woods Extreme 6 player croquet set. The double-milled regulation balls are remarkable for accurate shots. Finally, two sturdy ash goal stakes have integrated clip extensions for ball marking. It is better than Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set which has no taper fastening system with the millet head. Professional croquet players rely on Oakley Woods Extreme 6-Player Croquet Set. So, the rule book gives the details covering 6 wicket USCA, 6 wickets golf, and 9 wickets croquet.

Go Sports Premium Croquet Set

My opinion about Go sports Premium Croquet Set is appreciable. For garden decoration, and outdoor expedition, you may opt for Go Sports Premium Croquet Set. There are 6 colorful mallets, 9 wickets, 2 end posts, and 6 attractive croquet balls. My goodness! I am surprised when I have put my fingers on the handle of the mallet.

The superior beauty and awe-inspiring comfort to control the mallet have put me in a state of happiness. I do not feel any pain in my gripe as the handle has the superb anti-skid sealant to protect arms. Premium hardwood texture of the croquet mallet resists scratches. It is a wonderful experience for a newbie player to play the croquet by the side of Lake Muskoka. So, the greenfield is magnificent which is just near the lake.

One of the things I have tracked during my online navigation is that this particular product is available in two different sizes for tall and short heightened players. For instance, the deluxe size of the mallet suits adult taller persons. If you are over 6 inches in height, the deluxe size of the Croquet mallet sounds excellent. Otherwise, you may be much comfortable handpicking the standard size.

I am a lanky young guy. I have no hazards to hitting the polyurethane croquet ball with my deluxe croquet mallet of this brand. 35-inch deluxe mallet handle has a fantastic gripe-safe cover. The croquet balls weigh 7.5 oz and 2.5 inches in circumference compared to 10 oz and 3-inch diameter balls of the deluxe pack. During my long stays in Chamicos Tulum, I went to the nearby golf court to start my expedition. My croquet ball, mallet, and set of hoops were bundled up in my sports bag. I never failed to appear at the right to lead my team. 


   The large durable carriage bag for storing croquet set for easy transportation

The good lifetime warranty card with the croquet set

 The colors of the croquet sets are vibrant

   Ergonomic mallets

   Product dimensions include 3.9 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches with 12 pounds in weight


   Mallet’s heads have loose screws which are not properly fixed

  The croquet balls have indentations or divots due to the heavy striking with the mallet

Oakley Woods Extreme 6-Player Croquet Set

I have no tension to express my pleasure when I go through the features of the Oakley Woods Extreme 6-Player Croquet Set. For extreme outdoor fun and amusement, it might be a great thing for you to use this custom Oakley Woods Extreme 6-Player croquet toolkit.

I am pleased to see the ash shaft with the octagonal shape in the upper section. So, The polyethylene head of the mallet is not uneven. It makes me comfy to hold the handlebar. At the same time, the taper locking system helps me change its head. When you need quicker head adjustment, you may use this taper lock feature.

Oakley Woods Extreme 6-Player Set contains 6 mallets designed with 36 inches handles and beautiful 8-1/2″ heads. Besides, you will get 6 polymer balls in 3-5/16″ diameter along with 9 powder-coated steel wickets including 2 hardwood goal stakes.

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