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Why Hiring a Professional In-Home Nurse in UAE?

Nurse in UAE

Nursing assistants are best defined as someone for personal care of patient and their basic needs aside medication. Nursing assistants work in nursing homes, home-based care, assisted living space, hospitals, community-based long-term care, rehabilitation centers, and other long-term care settings. If you want Nurse in UAE, we provide Nurse at Home for 24/7.

Nursing assistants assist patients of all ages to perform basic daily tasks. They work under the supervision of a licensed nurse, and as they communicate extensively on a daily basis with each patient, they play a vital role in the lives of their patients and in keeping the nurse up-to-date with patient information. Professional home nursing services for Palliative, Nurse at home, Post-operative, Post Natal, Vaccinations at Home, Elderly Care and Medical Dressing.

Nurse in UAE Provide Assistance with such tasks as:

  • Dressing wounds or sometimes patients
  • Keeping information and documents
  • Bathing and skin care
  • Feeding
  • Helping in general medical procedures
  • Safety procedures
  • Setting beds
  • Toilet assistant
  • Bowel and bladder care
  • Transporting patients
  • Helping patients walk with walker, cane and other devices
  • Helping in general body exercise
  • Turning and positioning bedridden patients regularly
  • Reporting all changes to the nurse
  • Safety awareness
  • Post-surgery care
  • Providing medical supplies
  • Grooming patients by brushing their hair, teeth, shaving them, etc.
  • Keeping record of food and liquid intake
  • Checking vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate
  • Answering patient calls
  • Stocking supplies
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