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How to Buy Necklaces Based on Face Shapes?


Choosing the right necklaces is crucial to elevating your overall looks. It is one accessory that draws attention to your face, and the wrong selection can affect not just your looks but also your carefully curated ensembles.

While picking necklaces, especially gold ones, people pay a lot of attention to their purity, which is a good thing up to a certain extent. But just focusing on the purity and not the design is a recipe for disaster.

Whether you have the budget and willingness to buy a 24-Karat gold necklace or 20 grams gold necklace is a matter of personal affair, but the design of the necklace should never be taken lightly.

If you’re willing to shell money on a good gold necklace, be sure you choose the necklace based on your face shape. To make things easier for all women out there, we’ve listed down some necklace types based on face shape that will look good for every occasion. So let’s head straight to the list.

Necklaces for Oval Face Shape

Oval shapes are determined by their round hairlines and jaws. Such faces are usually slightly longer than they are wider. It is why women with oval faces should emphasize wearing short necklaces like a choker or a collar necklace that highlights their long necks.

Though most other necklace styles suit women with oval face shapes, they should be picky about the neck piece they wear. As long as the necklace design is in the right proportion to the individual, any necklace would look good on them.

Necklaces for Round Face Shape

Women with round cheeks, hairlines, jaws, and a wide yet long nose generally have a round face. Such women should always go for long necklaces like a lariat necklace that creates a Y or V shape.

It does an excellent job at highlighting their facial features while giving the required attention to the neckline. If you want your face to always appear longer, wear more geometric pendant necklaces. The market has many options in geometric pendants, so you don’t have to worry about limiting your necklace options.

Necklace for Diamond Face Shape

Have a narrow chin and forehead but with wider cheekbones? If yes, you have a diamond face shape. Pretty much similar to people with oval faces, the woman with a diamond face shape can wear almost any necklace type.

Since they generally have a long neck, wearing short-length necklaces like a choker works best. You can also look for a necklace whose chains can be adjusted at varying lengths. It will allow you to adjust the necklace length based on your preference.

Necklace for Rectangular Face Shape

Also known as the oblong face shape, a rectangular face shape has almost the same width at the forehead, chin, and cheekbones. However, such faces are generally narrower and longer.

Owing to these facial features, necklaces with round designs or short lengths look incredibly beautiful on a woman having a rectangular face. Though, you’re free to experiment with your looks by trying out different necklaces you like.

Necklace for Square Face Shape

Having a strong jawline, a square shape face usually has the same equal distance from the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. It is why fashion and style experts suggest women with sharper jawlines wear necklaces that would complement their facial features. Long necklaces featuring linear shapes tend to look the best on women having a square face shape.

Now that you know what characters help identify a face shape, along with the type of necklaces that look best on each face type, go and get yourself a necklace that beautifully highlights your facial features.  

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