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Top 3 National Parks In Rajasthan To Visit In 2022

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We all know that Rajasthan has always been the Land of Kings in terms of eco and wildlife destinations full of tourism. No foreign tourist can think of returning without traveling to Rajasthan.

The extravagant flora and fauna in Rajasthan attract thousands of tourists every day. The state is not just popular for its lavish palaces and royal forts, but also under the spotlight for the top-class National Parks.

According to the research, a huge variety of animals and birds find Rajasthan their true home. For serving a secure homely environment, we have some of the best national parks in Rajasthan. You need not worry about traveling vehicles. We are always there to provide you with the best car rental services for your pleasant Rajasthan tour.

Here are the top picks by Rajputana Tours to guide you with the top 3 National Parks to visit in Rajasthan-:

1. Ranthambore National Park 

This rambling National Park, built by Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary by the Indian Government in 1955, is as large as 282 sq. km. This destination is home to the strong Bengal Tigers for whom, a huge number of tourists arrive just for a single glimpse.

 You are going to love your first visit of relishing joy in this national park. Getting a glimpse of natural beauty with exclusive animals at an exotic destination is going to be a thrilling experience.

2. Keoladeo National Park 

You would be amazed to know that Keoladeo National Park, also famous as Bharatpur National Park is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This bird-hive is a retreat for your eyes where you can observe the rarest species of a variety of birds. It has been known that approx 250 species of birds have made their home in this national park.

People especially visit this destination to have a glance over Avifauna and Siberian Cranes that resides here in the cold winters. Aren’t you already excited to take a trip to Rajasthan? You can grab the most flexible Rajasthan holiday package at Rajputana Tours and experience the best time of your life.

Being one of the most popular national parks in Rajasthan, it gives shelter to a wide variety of mammals such as Sambar, Golden Jackal Blackbuck, and more. During the hibernating days in winter, you can find large pythons there. You can consider hiking or biking on the trek inside the park.

3. Sariska Tiger Reserve 

Formerly known as Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is now replaced by the name Sariska Tiger Reserve. Located around the beautiful Aravali Hills, this tiger reserve is spread over an 800 sq. km area. You are going to enjoy the endless beauty of dry deciduous forests, blissful rocky mountains, and soothing grasslands. 

Sariska Tiger Reserve shelters the rarest birds such as the beautiful white-throated Kingfisher, golden-backed Woodpecker et, Indian Peafowl, Partridge, etc. 

Bird lovers are going to find this place a virtual paradise. You have a large number of options to visit nearby this national park. Popular tourist attractions such as Sariska Palace, Bhangarh village, Hanuman Temple, Neelkanth temple, Kankwari Fort, Viratnagar, and many more.

So these are the top picks by Rajputana Tours to let you experience the best time in the national parks in Rajasthan. Whenever you are planning a trip to Rajasthan, expect the best Rajasthan tour packages from Jaipur. Enjoy the lavish biodiversity in the above-mentioned National Parks situated in Rajasthan. Book best Rajasthan tour packages from Rajputana Tours.

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