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Most Common Window Materials


Most of the people believe that windows are the eyes of the house. Hence, we can conclude that windows are an integral part of the house and proper considerations must be taken before choosing the styles and types of windows for your house. Various factors affect the decision for choosing the right material for the windows, like the region you live in, exposure of house to the Sun, climate situations, and countless other factors. Since every material used for making the windows has unique abilities and characteristics, you need to ensure that all the factors governing the choice for selecting the suitable window material is dealt with.

There are many varieties of materials that are used to design window frames. But for now, let’s focus on the most common and durable ones that most people have engaged in their houses to give them a trendy look. Hopefully, you will find the suitable one for your home here.

  1. Wood:

Wood has been used in making window frames for many decades and hence is considered to be a classic material. It provides a warm look to your property, but the fact that it not as dense as compared to other competitors in the market, implies that its not the best defence to protect you against cold climate. Hence it is advised that wood can be used as window material provided you live in warm and tropical areas. It requires high maintenance and can also be easily destroyed by moist, mould or even termites. So, consider these factors and your surroundings before opting for wood window frames.

  • Vinyl:

One of the most popular and high-quality window materials are the ones made from vinyl. Many of the old windows, made from other materials are being replaced by vinyl ones for their durability and strength. Windows made using vinyl are excellent sound and heat proofing which is quite important for mainly residential areas. They require negligible maintenance and hence if you are looking for a practical and easy to maintain option, this should be your first choice.

  • Aluminium:

Another very common type of window frame material, suitable for modern residential properties is Aluminium. It gets maximum light from the outside and keeps you warm and your house well-lit. It’s the perfect choice for people who like the morning sun hitting their face and gives you a fresh start for the busy day. With pros comes cons, and one of the major disadvantages is the fact that aluminium conducts the heat out of the room, and also is moderately vulnerable to condensation, which is never a positive thing. Hence, if you are considering aluminium window frames, then you might have to double glaze in order to reduce heat loss. Also, these windows are high maintenance, so don’t get surprised if you have to contact a professional window cleaning service for cleaning up your aluminium window frames.

Windows are an integral part of your house and it also contributes to the overall image of your house as perceived by your guests. Selecting the right type of material for your windows is important as it is going to dictate almost a decade of durability and impression for your house. Keep the weather conditions and the pros and cons of every material before deciding the apt window material. Consult or reach out to an expert window installation and replacement company to help you guide through the best choice of window material for your home.


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