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Balancing Quality with Speed in Mobile App Development

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Mobile App Development is the modern approach to the following digitalization. For every business owner, it becomes imperative to launch a mobile application because people are relying on digital platforms to access their required services in the world of smartphones.

Hence, start-ups and businesses are shifting to mobile apps to access vast opportunities. But in a surge of speed of digital adoption, many have forgotten to maintain the quality & developed the applications. Without quality, businesses won’t be able to access their target audience and desired success. Thus, quality & speed of mobile app development should go hand in hand. 

Being a business owner or app development company, you should focus on quality if you want to get your app developed in less time. Success will be at your side if speed and quality go hand in hand. 

Agile app development methodologies have resulted in faster and more responsive mobile app development. Developing faster is not always safe; there might be chances for security threats. 

Security threats are evolving rapidly as speedily app development has come into force. 

Thus, leadership is required to maintain app development’s speed, security, and quality. 

Here are some of the significant pointers that need to be taken care of while developing the mobile application that accesses both the quality-speed.

Pointers to look after while maintaining speed & quality of the product:

To achieve both quality and speed, developers need to focus on some significant areas such as Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), User experience (UX):

Continuous Integration:

Continuous Integration is the automating process that helps developers balance speed and quality in mobile app development. In Continuous Integration, there will be a practice of automating the build and testing the alterations in the code. Through this process, developers are suitable to detect errors early on to avoid potential problems down the road.

This practice helps developers ensure the code integrations smoothly and avoid hurry glitches & last-minute surprises.

Taking platform wisely-while building the mobile app for android, when the developer makes changes in the code, it takes time, but with CI continuous integration, code changes will be done automatically and get tested. If the code is detected with some errors, developers get notified immediately, and they can fix it immediately.

Similarly, with the iOS app development, the code gets tested and developed with all the required changes immediately.

That’s how developers can reduce the different timelines of app development by reducing these changes. The remaining time will get focused on the quality of the product.

For example, Netflix is one of the prominent examples of CI (Continuous Integration). The app carries a large codebase, and developers maintain it by applying a strict CI policy.

Continuous Delivery (CD):

To maintain the speed and quality of the product, another significant factor has been introduced to the app development processes, Continuous Delivery (CD). It is the practice of automatically delivering code changes to a production environment. This process fastens the app development lifecycle and ensures that new features and functionalities are available to users.

Describing continuous delivery in other words: It is the new way to automate the app release process. For example, once you have applied any changes to code and want to get deployed to the production environment, CD helps to make it done automatically.

To save time and effort, the CD is the best way to avail the speed & quality simultaneously.

Continuous Delivery can be applied to both android and iOS app development. Facebook is an example of continuous delivery as they continuously deliver code changes to their iOS and Android apps using the CD.

User Experience Consistency:

While developing the mobile application, keeping a tight note of user experience is essential because user experience should be interactive once you are trying to deploy a quality product. Never compromise with the user experience of the product.

In terms of amplifying the user experience, keeping the user journey consistent in every phase or version of the application is essential. Once you decide on the application process, keep the flow of UX in all the versions of the app and never think of redesigning the process and reinventing the entire lifecycle.

By doing this, you save time and can also deploy the interactive and smooth UX that results in a quality product.

DevOps Automation:

Talking about DevOps automation is automating the task related to the mobile app development and operations of a software application. This includes several tasks providing the servers, deploying the code changes, and monitoring the applications and development process.

Once these tasks get automated, developers can focus on several other vital factors to improvise the application’s quality. By automating these tasks, developers can portray their minds to adding different functionalities and features, bugs removal, and other quality bringing tasks.

When performing app development for android and iOS platforms, multiple tasks can be automated by using DevOps tools. One can use tools to manage the binaries and dependencies. This helps developers in finding the files quickly.

Also, one can use an automation server to automate the build process, and thus they can simplify the app development task and brings the quality out of it. This can save you a lot of time, as you won’t need to manually run the build process each time there is a change to the code.


Using the techniques mentioned above, one can carry out the quality in their app development by managing the speed of the task. By automating many tasks in the app development process, App development companies and developers can focus on automating the tasks and achieving the different tasks. They can add features and functionalities and also can fix the bugs.

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