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5 common mistakes done while doing Digital Marketing

mistakes done while doing digital marketing

If you are doing Digital Marketing, Read this blog before doing Digital Marketing, Here we have given some common mistakes done while doing Digital Marketing.

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Target audience

Target audience is the audience which might be interested in buying or purchasing your products or services. In other words, the specific group who most likely wants your products or services. Many aspects are there to define the target audience like age, gender, income, location, interests or a myriad of other factors.

Problem – Many businesses, particularly in starting and small business owners believe that their product must be used by all, but the practical reality is only some a people or a group of people want their products or services. Knowing your customer is the foundation or the first step when stepping into the digital world.

Keyword research

Keywords in Search Engine Optimization terms refers to the words which are suitable for the content and type of searches when done on search engines. Keyword ranking refers to your page’s specific spot on the search results. When chosen right keywords with a good content on your website, rankings of your website have a high tendency to go up.

Problem – Many people while including keywords in their descriptions doesn’t do their proper research and analysis in order to make their website or post more visible. One of the major aspects in process of search engine optimization (SEO) is the keywords. So, one needs to do their proper keyword research in order to gain a high ranking.

Investing wisely

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is one of the major aspects of digital marketing which includes facebook and google ads. It is definitely more economical than any other sources of marketing because of it’s cost effectiveness and reach.

Problem – Investing in digital market in these times is a very good investment, but investing blindly will result in the unexpected major losses and defamation sometimes, because it requires money in running ads, analyzing things etc. . Many people go with flow in these things but one needs to understand the seriousness of investing money & time and analyzing it.

Expecting Rapid Results

Good Results take time, campaigns and tactics are different for different products and services and these needs time to succeed. AD campaigns takes at least 1 week to give result and these results need to be analyzed then for strategies.

SEO is the major part of digital marketing, it ranks up the website in search engines. It takes a minimum time of 2 months to show results

Problem – People expect results overnight, which is not possible and due to that some gets demotivated after not seeing immediate results. One needs to be patient in expecting some results and when results are received they should be properly analyzed and make forth strategies according to that.


Analysis of the things are done, so that if we shoot an arrow, it should not be a blind shot, it must be a prepared one. Analysis might be the last step in digital marketing process but the most major step is the analysis only.

Problem – Many businesses doesn’t do their proper analysis of their results and takes the forth steps without considering the last occurred results. Marketers often make mistakes when they attempt to measure the success of their social media marketing campaigns.  It is a type of conventional thinking that can lead to your SMM downfall. You can have thousands of followers.on social media, and it still won’t make a difference to your brand. What matters more than your follower count is engagement. Are people compelled to talk about your brand? Is your brand getting mentions? Are people tweeting about it? Are they sharing your content among their peers? These are the metrics that make sense for your social media marketing.

If you can avoid these common mistakes done while doing digital marketing, you will very likely see greater improvements, faster.

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