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Male Fertility Supplements- Expectations VS Reality

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As infertility sufferers, knowing about the fertility treatments seem like the light at the end of the tunnel. Though infertility treatments are like a ray of hope for the people struggling with infertility at the same time, infertility frauds are frightening people out of their wits.

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Male factor infertility

Infertility battle is not about choosing between medicine, surgical procedure, and assisted conception method. It often comes with unwanted pieces of advice on the use of fertility supplements and certain therapies from everyone around you. However, the success of one particular treatment remains uncertain unless you can identify where the problem is stemming from.

How problematic male fertility can be?

Infertility is a term commonly associated with females, but a few of us are aware of the fact that male infertility is equally as common as female infertility. There could be many possible reasons for infertility in both men and women. A reproductive health specialist is the person who can correctly assess the situation and find the cause behind the problem.

Undirected treatment or practices can make the problem even worse. Relating to this, I remember that once my cousin was on a wrong fertility treatment until he went to the best sexologist in Peshawar,who revealed that he was suffering from Peyronie’s disease.

Causes of male factor infertility

Male factor infertility is quite common and several causes are responsible for it including;

  1. Reduced sperm count
  2. Compromised sperm motility
  3. Blockage in sperm ducts
  4. Problems with sperm morphology
  5. Underlying health conditions
  6. Exposure to certain environmental factors

Male fertility supplements

Among several recommended solutions to the problem of male infertility, the use of fertility drugs is the most common one. Several fertility drugs, supplements or enhancers are ruling the market for years. Having unsubtle names, these fertility supplements are available under different brand names but we are unsure about their effectiveness.

Expectations VS Realities

These over the counter supplements include vitamins, herbs and other dietary supplements. These supplements are of different types having different active ingredients. But there are several factors you should know while choosing the supplements. When talking about the effectiveness of these fertility supplements, we can say that these fertility supplements work pretty well for women but not in the case of men.

However, people still go for these medications. For the majority of people using these fertility treatments, it is important to know that;

1- Involves multiple cycles

No wonder that everyone struggling with sterility wants a successful fertility story as soon as possible. But the success of a particular treatment or medication can vary depending upon several factors. So, before you experience the pregnancy you might need several rounds of taking these medications.

2- Ovulation enhancers are required for male fertility supplements to work

Well when talking about the infertility factors, it can come from both the male and female side. The infertility causes can be different in both make and female, but the treatment may require effort from both ends. So, if you are ovulating regularly you still need to take fertility supplements to enhance the chances of fertilization.

3- Fertility medicines have their side effects

Despite all the claims from the manufacturer’s side, these fertility medications or supplements still have some notable side effects. Depending upon the medicine, side effects can range from nausea to blurry vision and even increased risk of cancer. So while you are planning to go fertility medications, be ready for this.

While the side effects of these fertility supplements are inevitable, you can ask your physician to assist you. You can start working on your nutrition and get the maximum result in less time. Relating to the above-mentioned incident, my cousin was going to the Northwest general hospital in Peshawar for his treatment and was seeking help from a nutritionist as well.


Infertility supplements are readily available in the market but as a matter of fact, these supplements are not more than cleverly marketed products. Not denying the fact that these supplements can work to a certain extent in males but the outcomes fail to overweight the side effects of weight gain, vision problem, breast enlargement etc. The success of fertility supplements depends upon several factors, however; you should always discuss it with your physician before going for a particular supplement.


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