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How to Feel More Confident When Making Your First Presentation


You’ve been working hard to make sure that your managers can see your talent, and now they are asking you to make a presentation to the rest of the team, and perhaps even some clients for their project, too.

This is a great opportunity and a sign that your manager believes in your abilities, but that doesn’t mean that this is any less nerve-wracking. Some people might thrive when they are doing public speaking, but for many, it can be an anxiety-inducing experience that they balk at.

However, making presentations or running meetings is something that everyone needs to do at least once in their professional lives, and if you have your first presentation coming up, below are a few tips to help you feel more confident.

Prepare and Rehearse

The most important thing when it comes to your presentation is that it is of good quality and professional. You must make sure that you’re getting your facts right, and if you are presenting to a client, look back at their portfolio to better understand their wants and needs from your campaign ideas and strategies.

Ask how long your manager wants to presentation to be and time it to make sure you’re not running over or under schedule and that you’re not rushing through any talking points. Rehearse giving the presentation so you can familiarize yourself with your talking points better, and this will make you feel more confident on the day.

Dress the Part

Power dressing doesn’t just show other people that you’re a pro, but it can make you feel more confident as well. Make sure that you’re not over-dressing, particularly if the rest of your team tends to opt for more casual attire in the office.

However, having a smarter edge to your workwear on the day can help you give a more authoritative sense and will make sure that you look professional when you’re giving your presentation.

If you’re worried about finding something suitable to wear for your big moment, treat yourself to a bit of retail therapy. You could even use this Macys coupon to find your perfect presentation outfit.

Avoid Drinking Too Much Caffeine Before Your Presentation

A cup of coffee in the morning will help to give you a boost, and you certainly don’t want to be yawning or dealing with brain fog when you’re trying to get through your talking points.

However, too much caffeine can also have an undesirable effect and could even make your feelings of anxiety and nervousness worse. If you have already had a coffee in the hour before your meeting, or more than two already that day, avoid taking one in with you. Choose a bottle of water instead to keep you hydrated and alert without giving you the jitters.

Making a presentation to the rest of your team or clients is something that a lot of people will feel nervous about, particularly if it’s the first time you have done this in your professional career.

Remember these tips to help you prepare and feel more confident, but also that you are capable of doing this, and your boss wouldn’t have asked you to if they didn’t believe you could do it.

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